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The Feeling of Belonging

There hasn’t been a day since I returned from my trip this January, that I haven’t missed and wanted to be back in Brazil. It’s not just because I felt safer there than I have ever felt in the United States. It’s so much more than that. When I finally got to go back after… Continue reading The Feeling of Belonging

My Life Be Like

Who can you trust? The struggle of Female Entrepreneurship

For the past two years I have been writing books, started two brands and also launched a publishing company. I have allowed myself to be vulnerable in the world and to put my best foot forward as much as I can when it comes to my business.  I have gotten so much positive feedback and… Continue reading Who can you trust? The struggle of Female Entrepreneurship

My Life Be Like

Great Sex Is More Than Just Having Sex

Sex. Whether you are or aren't having it, there are plenty talking about it. From social media to everyday conversations, in the society we live in, it's a topic that's discussed a lot, especially with people that are in relationships. If you have checked out any of these discussions, you notice they tend to stay… Continue reading Great Sex Is More Than Just Having Sex

Hidden Gems

Meet Melaysia Sekai

I met Melaysia about a year ago on Instagram. Scrolling around I came across her page and seen that she had just recently self published her collection of poetry "Butterfly." At the time I still hadn't even thought too much about how I would publish my first book. So I started mini stalking her to… Continue reading Meet Melaysia Sekai

My Life Be Like, short story

The Past Lives- Part 4: Choices

Janet was stunned as she saw her sister sprawled on the floor right in front of her, in fear of Jude and what intentions he had. "So when did you change your name to Jewel?" asked Janet, as she was puzzled how this whole thing even pieced together. Jewel, looking at Jude and Janet, could… Continue reading The Past Lives- Part 4: Choices

My Life Be Like

The Aftermath of Being Ghosted

Have you ever connected with someone? Not just on a physical level, I’m talking about talking (meh I’ll say texting) 24/7. Like it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t irritate you, but to a point where not being in contact with them feels as though something is missing. You already most likely have trust issues with… Continue reading The Aftermath of Being Ghosted


Long Distance Relationships

If someone asked me my opinion about long distance relationships a couple years ago my response would have been different than my response today. At this point in life, I have seen some long distance relationships fail and some succeed. I have been the shoulder to cry on when people have discovered infidelities and lies… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships