Who can you trust? The struggle of Female Entrepreneurship


For the past two years I have been writing books, started two brands and also launched a publishing company. I have allowed myself to be vulnerable in the world and to put my best foot forward as much as I can when it comes to my business.  I have gotten so much positive feedback and met so many amazing people I would have never connected with had it not been for my business ventures.

Up until recently I had never experienced any form of “hating” on my name or bad mouthing when it came to my business. Of course, in my personal life there is always someone who will have something to say, so I have never allowed that to faze me. The past few months have been a real eye opener for me. pexels-photo-1209462

I began to connect with someone who I felt was someone I could potentially work with in the future. We shared ideas, she gave me a few business tips, and I even helped her to explore the idea of publishing a book like myself. Then one day it was brought to my attention that this same person was speaking poorly on me and my business. For the life of me, I could not figure out why.  This was a woman who was advocating for women empowerment and all the while being a mean girl behind the scenes. All that I knew was, I was offended and pissed by what was being done and said. I worked hard for the things that I have and I do, so why would someone I genuinely felt a business connection with do such a thing?

I tried my hardest to just ignore this and to try and move forward without saying a word to her or anyone else because I am someone who likes to refrain from drama, especially if I feel this drama will interfere with my working reputation. This woman was going around sabotaging business connections I was making, slandering my character, and she made accusations of me “copying” her. That was the moment I got to a point where I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. I just had to speak up for myself or this ignorance would continue.

I reached out, in what I thought was the most professional and adult way that I could, and boy did that go left so quickly. This woman became immediately defensive, and would not take accountability for the things that she had said and done. She became rude to the point that she began to name call and at that point I instantly removed myself. There was no way that this person was going to get the best of me.

I had to block her and sit with myself for a few days and realize that this is what is to be expected. The business world is just as malicious as the real world. It raises questions of who can you trust, why would someone try and bring me down and the answer is simple. People are intimidated by those who they feel are doing more than them or those who awaken insecurities about themselves that they may not be ready to accept.

I promised myself to stay genuine no matter how others act in this world because I know that either way, if I remain true to myself then all my blessings will be given.


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