Assistant Director Chris Joseph is Also Jay in Reckless Behavior


BAY AREA, CA- In addition to serving as an assistant director for Reckless Behavior The Series, Chris Joseph has been cast as Jay Wilkerson, the fun loving and supportive big brother figure to Michaela Holloway. Joseph is the only character in the series besides Michaela who is playing a fictionalized version of themself. Michaela Shelton, the creator of Reckless Behavior The Series, had no experience with acting prior to this production. Therefore, she enlisted the assistance of Joseph.

Joseph has been acting since elementary school and his first role was a police officer in Oliver twist. Throughout his acting career, Joseph has starred in many plays. However, Reckless Behavior The Series will serve as his first filmed production. Joseph was inspired to act after growing up watching actors such as Chris Tucker, Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, and Robin Williams. According to Joseph, the way they can engage people in the audience is something he’s always aspired to do.

Regarding his character in Reckless Behavior, Joseph had to say this :

“I’m excited to play a version of myself in Cookie’s (his nickname for Shelton) web series. Ya’ll get ready to witness the most laid back older brother figure to Michaela in this entertaining and reckless tale of her life. Maybe she’ll listen to what I have to say LOL.”

Although Joseph is originally from Oakland, he has lived all over the bay and is currently located in Hayward, CA. with his wife and puppy. In his spare time, Joseph likes to think of story plots and how he could improve existing movies. He also enjoys karaoke on the weekends, where he sings songs likes Careless Whispers by George Michaels.

To stay updated on Reckless Behavior The Series and for all the behind the scenes moments prior to the show’s release in January 2020, make sure you follow @Queenmediacollective and Chris Joseph @Cjwolf510 on Instagram.


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