F%$@ Corona! Signed, A Frustrated Black Creative

Earlier this month I gave an update on how I'm doing. However, it is almost August and things have changed drastically. Last month I filmed one episode of season 2 of Reckless Behavior The Series. After not filming anything since season 1 production ended last November, it felt so damn good to be back in… Continue reading F%$@ Corona! Signed, A Frustrated Black Creative

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Reckless Behavior The Series Review

At the end of episode 1, Benjamin says what everyone is thinking. The behavior being shown is downright reckless. So far, from watching the first four episodes of the highly anticipated, Reckless Behavior the Series, I have formed three major themes. One, the overall difficulty of being a young woman in this decade. Two, the… Continue reading Reckless Behavior The Series Review

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Reckless Behavior Advance Review

  RECKLESS BEHAVIOR REVIEW *Please note* This is an advance review for episodes 1-4. As of this writing, only episode 1 is publicly available, therefore this review will be mostly spoiler free.   “When is our interior life ever put at the forefront? We constantly want to give to other people … Too much of not caring… Continue reading Reckless Behavior Advance Review


QMC to Host Reckless Behavior The Series Watch Party Dec.20th

Queen Media Collective is hosting an official watch party for Reckless Behavior The Series (RBTS), a new digital series created by Michaela P. Shelton. The series will debut on January 7th, 2020. The purpose of this web series is to produce something for us and by us that promotes the beauty and culture of the Bay… Continue reading QMC to Host Reckless Behavior The Series Watch Party Dec.20th


Inspiration For Tamika

When I graduated from college, I decided to move back in with my parents. I thought it was the best decision, but after clashing with my mother constantly, I decided it was time to move back out. I found a three bedroom house that the landlords were renting out per room and I decided to… Continue reading Inspiration For Tamika

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Devin Cunningham is the Inspirational Mentor in Reckless Behavior

BAY AREA, CA— East Oakland native Devin Cunningham will play Jeremiah Brooks, the inspirational and religious mentor of Michaela Holloway in Reckless Behavior The Series. Cunningham recently worked with Pear Theatre in Mountain View on Lynn Nottage’s Sweat. He described the experience as a fun and intense play to work on. Earlier this year, he… Continue reading Devin Cunningham is the Inspirational Mentor in Reckless Behavior


Inspiration for Travis Holloway

When I was younger, I always thought my older brother was so cool. He would come over and visit ever so often and eventually he moved back in with us. Initially he didn’t seem that interested in having a relationship with his younger sisters. He would just buy us things. I will never forget when… Continue reading Inspiration for Travis Holloway


The Inspiration Behind James

Earlier this year I was determined to find the perfect guy. I discovered an app called BLK, which was marketed as Tinder for black people. I downloaded the app and set my standards- must have a job, must be in early 30's, must be taller than me, must have no kids. I was excited to… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind James


The Inspiration Behind Dominique

In 2009, I met someone in high school that I quickly connected with. She was funny, open minded, studious and very supportive. For the first time I felt like I could be myself and didn't have to act a certain way in order to be accepted. She was extremely kind, fun to be around and… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind Dominique


The Inspiration Behind Stalker Bae

Almost immediately, we formed a bond. We talked everyday and we would rendezvous whenever he was in town. After a few months I started to catch feelings, but his tumultuous relationship with the mother of his child caused me to feel indifferent. According to him they would constantly argue and things had even gotten physical.… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind Stalker Bae