Reckless Behavior: The Series Season 3 Adds R.I.C.O. G & Tea Elani to the Cast

BAY AREA, CA– R.I.C.O. G and Tea Elani have been added to the cast of the critically acclaimed digital series, Reckless Behavior: The Series.

R.I.C.O. G will play Miles Murphy, the star quarterback of the fictional football team, the San Francisco Tavs. In addition to making music, he has acted in numerous productions such as Divine Living Part 1 and 2 By Jordan Skipper, Cycles by Latajh Weaver, Inseparable by Eric Fisher and Hella Single Written by Jordan Skipper, which he contributed writing to as well.

Some of R.I.C.O.’s hits include 1 Thing, Cold and Don’t Get Mad.

Tea Elani will play Michaela’s assistant, Tabitha Moore at the fictional version of media company Queen Media Collective. As a singer heavily inspired by her roots, one of Tea’s main objectives has been to inspire other young girls who look similar to her. Her sound is mainly pop, but Tea tries to find ways to incorporate her culture, especially in her stage costumes and persona. Tea is passionate about singing and also has experience in writing, film, directing, and musical theater.

Check out Tea Elani’s self-released EP’s; “Seasons” (2018), “Mood Board” (2019), “Movement” (2020), and “Thick” (2021) ; and two self-released albums; “Tea Elani” (2020) and “For Me/For Me Deluxe” (2021) available on all streaming platforms.

“It’s so exciting to expand the cast! Rico and Tea both had EXCEPTIONAL audition tapes, so I am anxious to work with them and see how they bring my characters to life,” says show creator Michaela P. Shelton.

Reckless Behavior The Series (RBTS) is a digital series created by Michaela P. Shelton that follows the journey of Michaela Holloway, a Bay Area based post college black millennial and aspiring writer, who navigates through life attempting to find herself and avoid reckless behavior.

Make sure to donate to the #FreeSeason3 Campaign to see more reckless behavior!


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