TSS – “Letter To My Ex” Pt. 2

green-chameleon-s9CC2SKySJM-unsplash (1).jpg

Dear Ex,

How have you been doing? I’m pretty sure not the best.

Especially with you still calling me, looking for the sex; hoping I’ll be that ex that you can turn into your next.

Things ended a long time ago, but for some reason you still won’t let me go. It’s been 12 whole years and somehow you always find a way to fuck up our flow.

See, I don’t mind us being friends but that whole, “when you gonna be mine again” shit has got to go.

You showed me a long time ago that being with you wasn’t the way to go and today things aren’t any different. You stay in and out of jail and I’m not the type of female that’s going to jump up and post your bail. I’m not a ride or die so you can get that out your head.

Can you imagine if we had, had that kid? What a fucked up situation it would have been; taking care of a baby by myself while you go in and out the pen. Let’s not forget the multiple babies and baby moms that would come into play. Do you really think I’d want to be dealing with these bitches and they attitudes every other day? I dealt with your lies and I witnessed the cheating and ain’t no way that’s the life I wanted to be living. I can’t even lie, that’s the exact situation I’ve ended up in but at least I’m at an age where it was easier for me to take it all in.

At seventeen, there’s no way in hell I’d be able to make it through that bullshit.

The Girl You Wish You Could Be With ❤


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