Great Sex Is More Than Just Having Sex

woman takes a drink after a rendevous

Sex. Whether you are or aren’t having it, there are plenty talking about it. From social media to everyday conversations, in the society we live in, it’s a topic that’s discussed a lot, especially with people that are in relationships. If you have checked out any of these discussions, you notice they tend to stay in the area of the performance of the man or woman they are with or have some relationship with. Whether they lasted this long, did something funny or nasty or if they just were boring in bed, those parts of sex are the ones that grab the most attention. If you listened to these discussions, you would think the physical aspect of it is all that matters. To many, it might, but there is more to sex than just the physical portion of it.

Before anyone comes for me, I know the physical part matters and I am not naïve to believe that it does not. However, there is more to it than just that. You don’t just meet, become attracted and have good sex over and over again. There is more to it than that. One huge thing in good sex is good communication. If you’re planning on establishing something with someone, communication has to be there. Just like in everyday situations, the communication has to be there in the bedroom or beyond it.

If you don’t know what the other person wants in the bedroom, then how are you going to please them? Open that mouth and talk to them. The more both of you know what the other wants, the better and more enjoyable the sex will be.

The more spots hit, the better the experience. You can discover, but you can also just talk as well. Or another option is for someone to be the director if the other likes to take direction. Either which way, communication is important.

Along the lines of communication, there is also the factor of mental connection. Plenty of people can remember the best sex they have ever had and with what person it was with. While there are some that will say that it was the physical encounters that made it best, the majority will probably tell you that the mental connection is the reason that person gave them their best sexual experiences. The fact of the matter is the brain is the most powerful muscle in the human body and when that is captivated by someone, especially during a sexual experience, then things can go to an even higher level. So while you may think you are connected to someone, unless that magical mental connect is there, the sex just isn’t going to go to that next level at all. So either you aren’t as tight as you think you are or you got the wrong person.

The mind-blowing sex you seek isn’t all in the physical part of it. While that plays a part of it, the other aspects around it take it to the next level. So while you’re discussing the physical, remember the communication and the mental connection is really the thing that matters almost as much as the physical encounter with that special someone or whatever your relationship may be. So while that sex may be good, it could be better with those components.



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