The Past Lives- Part 4: Choices

Janet was stunned as she saw her sister sprawled on the floor right in front of her, in fear of Jude and what intentions he had.

“So when did you change your name to Jewel?” asked Janet, as she was puzzled how this whole thing even pieced together.

Jewel, looking at Jude and Janet, could not gather the words immediately, as she was still stunned that Jude found her and that her sister was back around. She was puzzled as to why Jude was so mad at her for moving on as well. After all, he was presumed dead or missing, depending on who you asked. What puzzled Jewel even more than seeing Jude was seeing her sister appearing out of nowhere back in San Diego.

“Well, how the heck did this happen?” asked Jude. “Apparently you both know each other. I need some answers Janet and Jewel or whatever your name is.”

“She’s my sister Jude,” said Janet in a disgusted tone. “How did you get mixed up in this situation and why did you try to kill this man Jewel?”

Jewel sat puzzled as she was asked about how she played a part in the attempt to get rid of Jude.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Jude. I was seriously hurt when you disappeared. Ryan told me he didn’t know what happened to you. He said you took an Uber home. I was so hurt to not know what happened to you or where you were.”

“So hurt you leaped into Ryan’s arms huh?,” said Jude. “I saw the pictures of you and him online looking like you all were up under each other.”

“Well, did you expect me to date no one forever? He was there for me. It just happened Jude. That relationship did not mean I didn’t miss you.” At this point, Janet had pieced a lot of things together. Her sister had, at one point or another, been involved with both men and now Jude was thinking Jewel had something to do with the attempt on his life.

“I’m sorry Jude. I did not mean to hurt you. I thought you were dead since they never found your body.”

Jude sat there agitated at the thought of the story all the while trying to think what his next move was going to be.

Back at Janet’s spot, there lied Ryan in a bloody mess, looking lifeless on the floor. Janet and Jude, in their haste to go find Jewel, did not check the pulse of Ryan before leaving. Despite the blows of the bat to his head and ribs, Ryan was still breathing. He passed out from the punishment he took at the hands up Jude. When he woke up, he was all alone in a place he wasn’t familiar with, as he had been lying there for almost an hour and a half since Jude and Janet left him to die presumably.

Despite his struggles to breathe with the injuries, Ryan was finally able to get it together to figure out what was going on. He was not quite strong enough to get up, but he was luckily able to hide his cell phone in the inside pocket of his sports coat. Ryan began to dial a number on his phone.

“Hey Jaron. It’s Ryan. I need your help. I’m in bad shape and I need you to get me to the hospital. Trace the phone and come get me. I have no idea where I am. No ambulance please.”

As Ryan finished telling the instructions to Jaron, he lost consciousness once again, passing out right there in the floor.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Jude was still stewing while Janet and Jewel were trying to figure things out. Jewel was trying to figure out how Jude thought she was involved in trying to him, Janet was trying to figure out how Jewel got in this mess and Jude trying to think what he wanted to do to Jewel to alleviate some of his frustration.

As Jewel and Janet were finishing up getting reconnected, Jude finally had enough and made his decision.

“Are you ready to face my wrath Jewel?” he asked with a sadistic smile.

At that point, Jewel was deathly afraid and Janet was disturbed by his look as well.

“But Jude, she told you she did not have anything to do with what happened to you,” said Janet.

“I heard her,” said Jude angrily.  “I was all ready to kill you Jewel but now I gotta think about it.”

“Well, we already took care of Ryan in this equation, so why do we need to kill her Jude?” said Janet.

Jude thought about it and then agreed that Jewel could be spared since she did not have anything to do with the plan.

“Let’s get back to the hideout so we can get rid of Ryan’s body and get back out of the country Janet. Jewel, you’re coming with us.”

Ryan, awoke to a nurse checking his pulse.

“His pulse is getting stronger,” said the nurse to the doctor.

“Let’s make sure to check out his ribs. He seems to have at least a couple broken ribs. And let’s make sure to keep fresh bandages on his head. Those stitches are fresh,” commanded the doctor to his staff.

Ryan looked up to notice he was in the emergency room in the hospital and all his clothes were nowhere in sight.

“Where are my clothes?” Ryan asked while in a daze still from the trauma he had taken.

“Jaron took them. They had blood all in them. He took your keys to bring you some new clothes from your house. Said you were best friends,” the nurse told Ryan.

So there sat Ryan trying to get himself together and he immediately found the clock in the room. As he looked at it, he thought about how this night started and how it was now and he couldn’t help but think Jude and Janet were going to eventually come and get him. He tried to get out of the bed, but he just could not move the way he wanted due to the wooziness he felt and the damage to his ribs. So he laid back down, waiting for Jaron to get back and give him clean clothes. His hope is that he got out of the hospital before Jude and Janet realized he wasn’t dead.

Jude, Janet and Jewel made their way back to Janet’s temporary spot in San Diego and when they pulled up, they knew something was off. Somehow, Ryan’s car was gone. As soon as they noticed that, they knew something was off.

As the threesome hopped out of the car, Jude yelled, “Let me lead the way in here.”

Jude led the threesome up the stairs and to the temporary apartment.  Jude noticed the door was ajar and cautioned Janet and Jewel to stay where they were and let him go first.

Jude kicked the door all the way open as he entered and noticed Ryan was missing from the floor. He then came back out of the apartment and told Janet the news, which had her hitting the panic button.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jewel.

“We left Ryan right here when we were coming to get you,” said Janet.

The whole focus of the plan was missing and no one knew where he was.

“You know how easily he could get us thrown in prison if he went to the police?” said Jude as he paced frantically across the room. As he paced with his gun, Jewel heard her phone ring and it was Ryan calling her right then and there.

As she shushed Janet and Jude, Jewel answered the phone with a quick “Hello Ryan. How are you?”

“I’m not exactly doing well Jewel. I was hanging with some work friends last night, I went out to my car to get ready to drive home and then I ended up here in the hospital with broken ribs and a gash on my head that needed attention. Not sure how I even got her, but if it weren’t for Jaron, I would be dead. When I gained back consciousness, I called Jaron using my cell phone.”

“Where are you?” said Jewel.

“I’m at the hospital. Jaron went to get me some new clothes. Just waiting on him to get back and then they will tell me if they are keeping me or not,” said Ryan.

“I’m on my way to see you,” Jewel said as she tried to show some concern about her boyfriend over the phone.

As soon as the phone hung up, Jewel spilled the beans and told Janet and Jude where Ryan was.

“Well, it looks like we have another meeting with Ryan coming up Janet, and this time we are bringing a special guest with us.”

Janet, Jude and Jewel began to laugh hauntingly as they were about to make their trip to see Ryan again and hopefully end him.





One thought on “The Past Lives- Part 4: Choices

  1. I don’t know where things are going from here but at least my intuition was right about Jewel being Janet’s sister. That was a great twist. Looking forward to Part 5;)


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