Life Update: This Is Hard

Hey guys!

It has been about two months since I quit my full time job at the dentist office so I feel like it’s time for an update. Since quitting my job, having more time has made a lot of things possible for me:

  1. I was able to accept a contract to write my first book.
  2. I have been able to book more social media consultations.
  3. I have been able to focus on the production of Reckless Behavior The Series.
  4. I have been able to blog more.
  5. I have been able to focus on my brand Queen Media Collective.
  6. I have been able to network and meet with other creatives who want to collaborate and build.

Although I am happy I quit that job, it has not been an easy two months. I have been making money from my clients and the media services I provide, however that is inconsistent. I really wish that I had a skill such as knitting, doing hair, doing nails or anything, because I have had to rely on Door Dash which I can’t stand. Everyone has been telling me to do Uber or Lyft, but honestly I just do not feel comfortable with the thought of having strangers in my car. I try to finish my entrepreneurial tasks in the mornings so I can dedicate mid day/ evenings to making money. Sometimes it makes me sad that I have no choice but to deliver food, but I brush those emotions away and just do it, because this is about survival.

Everyone applauds me and compliments me for being so brave and determined, but I can not deny that the struggling entrepreneur life is hard.  To live this life you have to make lifestyle changes, you have to be mentally prepared and you have to master patience. If you do not do all three of these things, it could drive you crazy or into a state of depression.

Make Lifestyle Changes

The lifestyle changes I have had to make have been so hard for me. I miss the days when I could Door Dash sushi when I am too lazy to get up and go get it. I also miss the days that I always had a full set of nails. I haven’t gotten them in about eight months. The most difficult lifestyle change I have had to make is with my hair. I used to pay for 22 inch bundles or pay $150 to get faux locs crochet, but now I can only afford to do singles (braids). I call this my poverty hair style, because this is the only hairstyle I know how to do myself. Another thing I had to stop was traveling which I was just getting used to. I am going to Atlanta next week which was a dumb decision to make, but this is my first vacation in a while so I have no regrets. All I have been doing is working, so I need to get away. But in theory, I should of been smarter knowing that being away for six days is going to add up and the trip is taking away from me making money. But hey, I’m not perfect.

Mentally Prepare

Because I quit my job in 2018 and struggled, I was a lot more mentally prepared to do this again. I now know what it feels like to be broke and how to hustle because I experienced it first hand. When I did it the first time I had no clear plan and I thought being an entrepreneur would be a lot easier, which is how I fell into depression. This time around I have a clear vision and understanding of what I need to do to survive and simultaneously make my dreams come true. I understand that some days will be harder than others mentally and physically, but it will all pay off in the end.

Master Patience

I am still working on this. Sometimes I still cry and beat myself up, because I feel like I am not doing enough and I could be further along in my entrepreneurial journey. However, I have to remember to celebrate the small accomplishments and know that my time is coming. The most important thing to do is enjoy the journey, which is something I have never done. I want to jump to the finish line and that is impossible, so as of right now mastering patience is a work in progress.

I felt like I had to write this, because I wouldn’t want anyone to embark on this journey without taking everything into consideration. Do I think everyone should up and quit their job if they are unhappy, hell yes! But have a plan and make sure you are ready for the struggles and work to come.

I hope you guys have a great week and thank you for reading:)






3 thoughts on “Life Update: This Is Hard

    1. Aww yay! I’m so glad you loved it Cam. I’m trying to hang in there, thank you so much for reading and supporting me 😍


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