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Happy Birthday To Me

Rihanna came on driving to LAX, that song, we found love in a hopeless place how she sings about yellow diamonds in the sky.  It brought mini tears to my eyes, because l have never felt more confident in my decision, to teleport to the past in order to access my future key. A tornado… Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me

My Life Be Like

Living Life With No Regrets – Guess What Happened To Me

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on They say what happens in the dark comes to light and that shit is the God's honest truth because it just happened to me. Well, correction it came to light for one person but everyone else knew what I was doing. Still the shit is kinda crazy because no… Continue reading Living Life With No Regrets – Guess What Happened To Me

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My Sexuality isn’t a Phase

I’m an educated bisexual African American millennial. However of all the titles I just used, you only question one—my sexuality. Some part of you needs validation for why I require both sexes for sexual satisfaction. Your mind wonders if I’m just sexually promiscuous, or if someone took advantage of me at an early age. You… Continue reading My Sexuality isn’t a Phase

My Life Be Like

My Battle with Postpartum

I became a mother at the age of 17. With my first son he was the light of my life and I was so consumed in him and nothing in the world mattered. He was the center of my universe so all of the outside noise of the world never really had a chance to… Continue reading My Battle with Postpartum

My Life Be Like

The She Series – “Destruction Ahead”

  Today I bring you a poem from my book, The Diary of She - Vol. II, that I believe a lot of women and even some men can relate to, entitled Destruction Ahead. I hope you enjoy! How can you look me in the eyes and say I’ve never been there for you? Looking… Continue reading The She Series – “Destruction Ahead”


Life Update: This Is Hard

Hey guys! It has been about two months since I quit my full time job at the dentist office so I feel like it's time for an update. Since quitting my job, having more time has made a lot of things possible for me: I was able to accept a contract to write my first… Continue reading Life Update: This Is Hard

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I don’t Feel Like Being Strong Today (When the strong one needs a break)

  I have always been known to be the backbone of those around me ; Shoot even strangers. Everyone I have ever encountered has always been drawn to me for the person that I am at heart. They want to pour their hearts out to me, tell me how their day is going but most… Continue reading I don’t Feel Like Being Strong Today (When the strong one needs a break)

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BLACK WOMAN- Let’s Talk About It.

Knowing your true self and reclaiming your power as a colored woman is extremely indispensable. As history changes over time and the female population amplify, it is important for colored women to get further knowledge within the self. Defining thyself as a woman of color and getting more in tune with self as some would… Continue reading BLACK WOMAN- Let’s Talk About It.

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Be His Peace?

Sit nicely, with your legs closed for the public but when he takes you into his home, bare all of your most precious parts to him. Taste every drop of him until you can no longer stomach it, be his chef even when you're exhausted from working hard to stay pretty for him. Keep your… Continue reading Be His Peace?