Soul Ties

Photo by Tobe Mokolo on Unsplash

Something draws me into you no matter how hard I try to resist.

I’ll ignore you for months on in, but I haven’t let go.

They say soul ties existent and I’ve never been sure if it’s true.

I remember you mentioning it a time or two.

You told me you’re here to say and I swear it’s all talk.

But you’re probably right cause here I am taking my top off.

Is our soul tie here to stay?

What’s a soul tie anyway?

Is it something people just say?

Or is it really that we have this deep connection that won’t go away?

Is it the sex or the conversation?

Or do we just share this strong attraction?

Whatever it may be your power is strong.

We meet in my dreams and you’re the first thing on my mind in the morn.

The words you say make me want to stay around for far too long.

I don’t think you mean to do it.

I’m not even sure if you’re aware.

Everything seems so calculated and it’s just not fair.

How can I cut these ties?

Do I truly want to?

If I want to move on I think I’m going to have to.


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