What You Think About Me Isn’t My Business

I have always been one to shy away from the things people feel or think about me and for one simple reason; it’s not my damn business. We will always have something to say about someone else, how they choose to live their lives or even the way they choose to parent their children. The fact of the matter is who are we or who am I to think that my beliefs or feelings are valid to someone who is living authentically.

I know personally I have been called bitches, hoes and even a bad mother. But I have never let those things affect the way that I choose to handle myself. I think the minute we make how someone feels about us our business is the minute that we give them power over us. We give them the power to consume how we see ourselves. This often times will provoke us to change into what they want us to be or do the things that they think we should be doing in order to please them and their ego.

And that’s just not in any of the cards for me. Don’t get me wrong I was one of the people back in the day who NEEDED to know what someone thought of me and why and made sure I got to the bottom of it. Then I noticed that knowing that information did nothing for me but it in fact brought my mood down and made me feel not good enough . I had to learn that we all are entitled to feel how we want about someone else and what they have going on. BUT applying things that don’t matter to my day to day life will only set me back. I try and practice things that will allow me to steer clear of negative things or even just taking others opinions too serious.

The biggest thing I find myself doing is not engaging in the “he said or she said” and simply saying well hey that’s not my business and everyone has a mouth to use and feelings to feel. My biggest thing is just letting people know that if it wasn’t said directly to me then it doesn’t matter anyhow. Just being mindful of the things we take in and what we place on our priority list will save us a lot of drama in the end.


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