The Past Lives – Part 9: Taking a Trip

“Thank goodness you’re here,” said Jude as he reached to grab the hand of the friend getting him out of the trunk.

“What happened?” said a curious Jude.

“Well, there’s only us left out here alive,” said Janet.

“Me and Jewel were made to fight to the finish by Patricia and Jewel was really mad at me for seducing Ryan and was trying to take me out. Of course I didn’t sit there and take it, so we tussled and I beat her up pretty good, but Patricia stopped us.”

“But I thought it was a fight to the finish Janet,” said Jude, who was confused by what Patricia did.

“It was, but she told us she had planned to shoot us all along. She had the shot all lined up to shoot us when there was a shot that rang and drilled her right in her chest. The shot she had lined up ended up getting fired into the head of Dr. Morris, who was standing to the left of me and Jewel. Then as she fell down, she tried to fire off another shot but it went straight to the ground as she fell.”

“What happened to Jewel?”

“She’s still out there. I beat her pretty bad. Only a matter of time before she dies or passes out. Besides, she killed Ryan. She can stay behind and take the blame for that while we escape back to Mexico. ”

“Perfect plan Janet. I never really liked her anyway.”

Janet and Jude hopped in their vehicle and headed out of San Diego as they left Jewel there to pick up the pieces.

While Jude and Janet were on their way out of the city, Jaron was getting ready to leave the city himself. While Janet, Jude and Jewel thought he had sped off into the streets of San Diego, what Jaron really did was speed down the street only  to sit in a spot to watch to see when they left the apartment complex. After sitting hidden for about thirty minutes and watching them leave the complex, he finally had clearance to go back in and do what he needed to do. With no job and what he witnessed in Ryan’s apartment, he wasn’t going to stick around San Diego and await Jewel, Jude and Janet’s arrival to silence him. So his plan was simple: get his secret stash of emergency money, his passport and get out of the city. Once he arrived back at his apartment, he went into his secret stash, which was behind the gnome in his living room, grabbed his passport, threw some clothes in a bag and was out the door. The mission: get to Mexico and star over again there.

“I cannot believe she just left me here,” said Jewel as he was laying in the alley battered and bruised.

Jewel sat up to notice the bodies of Dr. Morris and her mother Patricia laying in the alley with her. She knew this did not look good and that she would catch the blame for it. After all, Jude and Janet were considered ghosts with how both disappeared at different points in time. Jewel, although in much pain, knew she had to get out of the alley and back to her apartment fast. She knew Janet and Jude had to be long gone at this point and if she did not get out of there then she was going to go to jail. After all, she killed Ryan and she never gave the weapon back them that she borrowed to make it happen.

As she began to get herself up, she felt a wet, damp feeling at her side along with some intense pain. When she looked down and put her hand on her side, she noticed she was bleeding from the multiple times landing on her side when Janet threw.  Along with the pain though, she did feel the struggle to breath, which could be attributed to the broken ribs and potential lung damage she was now dealing with. She struggled to eventually get to her feet and she willed herself to her apartment, which took her a little longer than normal. Once she made it there, she remembered a conversation in the vehicle between Janet and Jude.

“After this is over, we gotta go to Tijuana and celebrate this revenge,” said Jude.

“I got the perfect place to go. Let’s go to Tito’s and get some shots.” said Janet.

Once Janet remembered that, she knew what she was going to do. She struggled to pack her clothes and even struggled to carry her clothes down the stairs in her bag, but she finally made it downstairs. Once there, she started up her car, waived goodbye to San Diego and she was on her way.

Janet and Jude were almost back to Mexico and they were ready to be back out of the limelight. The plan, although it did not go the way they wanted, ended with revenge on Ryan. And for Janet, she got to see the woman she hated as a child die and she loved every minute of it.

As they crossed over the border and were in Mexico, Jude asked Janet “Are we still down for Tito’s? I could use a few shots tonight.”

Janet nodded her head in agreement with Jude about the stop at Tito’s in Tijuana. As soon as they pulled in the parking lot, Janet went in her bag and pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt and she changed in the backseat of the car.

As they entered the bar, of course Jude was looking at Janet in a different way than he had before. In his drive to get revenge on Ryan, he had hardly noticed how beautiful Janet was. Her jeans were hugging her hips and even though she had a few scratches on her face, that did not diminish her natural beauty.

“You want to sit at the bar or at this booth over there?” said Jude as he pointed to a booth in the corner of the room.

Janet took Jude’s suggestion and they went over to the corner booth and sat side-by-side.

Jude ordered a few shots for he and Janet to celebrate a successful trip, but with each shot, Jude scooted closer to Janet until he was right there by her. And with each shot, Janet got even more lost in Jude’s eyes. Before they both knew it, they were in each other’s arms and embraced in a kiss. Each kiss getting even more passionate as they could not get enough of each other.

“You want to go out to the car and finish this?” said Jude.

“Is that even a question right now?” said Janet.

The rushed out of the bar after paying the tab. As soon as they got to the car, they jumped in the backseat and proceeded to have rip each other’s clothes off as they had passionate sex in the backseat of the car.

After the finished and sat in the backseat for a while, Janet and Jude finally decided it was time to go, but then they noticed someone getting out of a vehicle near theirs.

Jaron finally made it out of town and into Mexico to start his new life and Tito’s seemed to be the perfect place for him to celebrate his new life. He pulled up to the bar, hopped out of his car and headed straight to the door. As he entered Tito’s, he went straight to to get him a couple shots of tequila.

Jaron ordered four shots and he slammed them down back to back to back to back. As he was getting ready to order another round, he felt a hand grab his shoulder.

“I think you’re done drinking for the night Jaron. And you may have just drunk the last drink of your life. Me and Janet have some unfinished business with you.”



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