Time to Get it Poppin’

Nine times out of ten the best thing that can happen to a young man is to be tossed overboard and compelled to sink or swim.
~ James A. Garfield

Hey my loves!

Today is the first day of December and I am super excited! December means days off, Christmas and then the grand finale… MY BIRTHDAY!! Well the grand finale is really New Years, but that’s irrelevant right now haha. Although I am excited about this month, I have recently made some new moves that will make this month extremely busy.

I am now an intern for the Oakland Teen Empowerment Program. Through this internship I will be learning event planning, public relations and marketing skills that will last me a lifetime. Seeing how I really wanted to delve into event planning, but didn’t know how, I feel blessed and highly favored. My sister Imani made the introduction and I couldn’t be more grateful. To check her out (she’s amazing) go to: Eccentric Soul.

Seeing how I have so much going on in so many different areas, I have decided that today will be my day to get it poppin'(my way to say get organized). Take note of such Michaelanguage L.O.L. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off again, so I need to go purchase certain items so I can get it together.

Item List:


  • Csuitemusic.com– (I am Lifestyle Editor of this website)
  • Teen Empowerment Program – (I am interning here)
  • Reckless Behavior- My personal site where I am branding myself
  • Goals- General goals and plans


  • I will start writing down all my plans/ deadlines and create a color coded key so my daily tasks are in order.


  • I will find a set of like ten pens so everything is color coded and pops (this way I wont forget anything… hopefully L.O.L)

That is just the beginning of me getting it poppin’. I want to create a playlist filled with music to get me pumped, so whenever I am working, I can play it and stay focused. Certain music makes me feel lazy, so I need the perfect playlist to set the tone. I will post what songs I come up with so everyone can see what I listen to when I am producing content. I am also excited that my business cards came and I ordered another set today. I now have 500 business cards and I am ready to distribute them everywhere. I feel so professional having a tangible respresentation of myself and my brand. I have never felt more motivated.


I will also start dedicating certain days for the different entities I have . For example, Monday work on Csuite content, Tuesday work on interning tasks and Wednesday work on Reckless Behavior. I think that will help me, even though I understand that some things or time sensitive.

I also plan to get organized by creating a workspace. I want to invest in a nice, spacious desk so that when I work from home I am not sitting on a couch or a bed. If I have a little office set up, or even go to Starbucks or a library, I know I have the ability to be so much more productive.

So there you have it, I am setting my life up for 2017.Setting my life up with tasks I will enjoy and grow from doing. The random jobs were cool in high school and prior to receiving my bachelor’s, but now they are depressing. Make sure to check back here to see how my life goes with all my newfound responsibilities. At this point I can either sink or swim.

Happy December! 🙂





3 thoughts on “Time to Get it Poppin’

    1. haha MAN organizing is the root of it all lol, I swear we be on the same page! See how I plugged you queen. You the best *DJ Khaled Voice*. Let’s set a date to meet up asap. Keep making moves like you know how

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