What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Despite all the losses we took in 2020, the best gift that many of us received was time.  We were given more time to focus on our households, our loved ones, and ourselves.  The challenge was to determine how we would utilize it.  For some people, time allowed us to strive and reach our goals.  … More What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Time to Take a Break!

The truth is that taking the time to be still and reflective actually increases productivity and gives more joy to what you’re doing when it’s time to take action again.” ― Maria Erving Hey everyone 🙂 I really hope everyone had a great week. Although it’s been all ugly and rainy (which I personally hate) … More Time to Take a Break!

Be a Go Getter

Something I saw posted on Facebook really got my wheels turning. I do not remember the quote word for word, but it said something like “It’s a shame if you go work for a company for eight hours and then go home and do not work towards your dreams, because you are too tired.” I thought … More Be a Go Getter