21 Things I’m Not Doing in 2018

Hey guys,

I have been doing a lot of soul searching in 2017. It is almost a new year and I have definitely realized a lot of areas I need improvement in. Therefore, I compiled this list of things I want to refrain from doing in 2018. Please read through my list and before the new year you should make your own list. These aren’t resolutions (let’s face is, those never work), just things I plan on being more cognizant of right now and when the new year hits. Check it out!

1. Wasting time


2. Working for free

3. Sugar coating


4. Letting people borrow money

5. Making excuses


6. “Dwelling”


7. Being content

8. Playing the victim

9. Neglecting my passions


10. Buying my lunch everyday

11. Impulse buying


12. Turning down opportunities

13. Withdrawing from my savings account


14. Being uninformed on current events


15. Ghosting people


16. Letting people take advantage of me

17. Being afraid to take risks


18. Ignoring my budget

download (1)

19.  Using my tangible resources too quickly (kleenex, toilet paper, food, etc.). Will learn to make things last longer

20. Trying to please others


21. Being gullible



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