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All Skinfolk Ain’t…

Current events have led me to dissect the well known quote "All my skinfolk ain't kinfolk." This quote, which was said by my Triumphant Soror Zora Neale Hurston, means that someone can inhabit a black body and be an agent of white supremacy. Because of the ongoing pandemic, people around the world have been forced… Continue reading All Skinfolk Ain’t…

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The Gym, You Don’t Need It!

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash How many times have you purchased a gym membership for the year and had to end up canceling it because you only found yourself there once out of the 6 months you've had it? How many times have you actually told yourself you were going to purchase a membership but never got… Continue reading The Gym, You Don’t Need It!

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Misha’s Room Episode 2.3: Suit Up

Blessed risings my loves! Rest in peace and prosperity Kobe, GiGi, and the other lives that were tragically lost in the helicopter crash. Welcome back to Misha's Room! Happy New Year, happy holidays, welcome to 2020. This is Black History Month, and today is all about Suit Up! Suit Up was written to pay homage to… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 2.3: Suit Up

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I’ve Changed and You Stayed the Same

I find it funny how people classify you in one light never allowing the thought of growth. The process of growth is always measured at the pace you allowed to take it in. And truth be told not everyone is ready to grow up or be GROWN! The past few years has been such a… Continue reading I’ve Changed and You Stayed the Same


Dealing With My Hair

PRESENT DAYWhen I made the decision to get blonde bundles in February, I decided to talk to my family about it first. Just as I expected, my mom, dad and my brother didn't approve. Mom: "I mean... maybe if it's short it won't look that bad." Dad: "You know I prefer natural." My brother: "I… Continue reading Dealing With My Hair

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Misha’s Room Episode 6: Unresolved Grief

And we're back! Ready for Round 3! lol Hey y'all, welcome back to Misha's Room. I hope y'all have been enjoying the frequent visits. I swear work, grad school, finalizing creative visions, opening a school, recording Misha's Room AND trying to hold my sanity and relationship together is a bitch. But I'm back, and we're… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 6: Unresolved Grief

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A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life

I'm sure that many of us have started 2019 off with New Year's resolutions, setting intentions, or creating the theme for the rest of our year. This year, I decided my theme would be overall mental health. I will flourish, I will thrive. I will put all the things I want into the universe and… Continue reading A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life

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My Grandmother’s Relationship w/ Dementia.

5.7 million American's are estimated to have Alzheimer’s disease with African American's and Hispanics being most likely to suffer from the disease. Two-Thirds of those Alzheimer patients are women but I never thought my grandmother would fall into that category. I'll admit when my mother told me the doctors diagnosed my grandmother with Alzheimer's, which… Continue reading My Grandmother’s Relationship w/ Dementia.


Guess Who’s Jobless?

Hey guys! I know reading the headline you guys are like WTF?!  Well before I give you the tea, I have to give you some background info to catch you up: SEPTEMBER 14- Asked my boss for a raise SEPTEMBER 17- My boss says she'll "carefully review" my request SEPTEMBER 20- My boss gives me… Continue reading Guess Who’s Jobless?