62435474_1169565006556817_2151584061867425792_nI find it funny how people classify you in one light never allowing the thought of growth. The process of growth is always measured at the pace you allowed to take it in. And truth be told not everyone is ready to grow up or be GROWN! The past few years has been such a world wind for me. Trying to separate myself from things and people that are no good for ME!
For instance , I had a few home girls that just liked to run the streets ! Bars, clubs, or just hanging out with men that there was absolutely NO future with. Yes, this is all fine and dandy if we were younger and didn’t have children and families. Or even my friends that like to partake in “ =tea time.” You know, pouring classified information about others from glass to glass but then get defensive when that cup has a little bit of their own tea in it. Then the negative ones. ALWAYS having something bad to say in a good moment or shaming you for venting to them about your life or relationships as if you don’t have the right to fix the things that matter you the most.
So all I hear is,youve-changed-id-hope-so-word-you-should-be-changing-23078349“you’re different or who are you.” But all it really comes down to is that I’ve changed while those around me have stayed the same. MY choices, my thoughts, and my interactions with others. I chose to be better and to do better for ME. Even if that meant losing those around me to gain like minded individuals in my circle. The problem I find with change is there is always someone or something lurking around waiting to make you feel like change is no good. Only because they are not ready. They don’t want to give up the things that hold them still and hinder their ability to make better choices. I mean lets face it, feeling comfortable feels so damn good.
I’ve acquired a taste for being uncomfortable. Understanding that change doesn’t come from being safe and taking the same route as others. Its about standing outside of the crowd and making my own rules and encouraging others to do the same. To be better, to do better and to know better.

I chose to walk away from people and things that meant me no good, That made me feel unworthy of happiness in my world. I learned to walk forward in positive instead of standing still in my misery.  Others need to know its OK to change, or leave someone behind when they aren’t adding to your success and happiness! So when they ask you if you have changed to tell them HELL YEAH !