My Grandmother’s Relationship w/ Dementia.

5.7 million American’s are estimated to have Alzheimer’s disease with African American’s and Hispanics being most likely to suffer from the disease. Two-Thirds of those Alzheimer patients are women but I never thought my grandmother would fall into that category. I’ll admit when my mother told me the doctors diagnosed my grandmother with Alzheimer’s, which … More My Grandmother’s Relationship w/ Dementia.

Steppin’ it Up

Hey ya’ll! So tonight I had an interview with the Culture Junkies organization. After this interview, two of the founders were walking me to my car and they inspired me so much I had to come home and write about it. I am going to start by defining a term:  guerrilla warfare (n.) the use of hit-and run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular  … More Steppin’ it Up


When people would tell me they are depressed I always thought they were being dramatic. I always though,  you want to kill yourself? Come on, nothing is that serious. I would always console them, but I could never relate… until now. I am going through a break up and I am depressed. I know that … More BEING DEPRESSED.