When I Realized Who the Hell I Am

Hey everyone,

It is a new month and I am doing better than ever! Sunday was a little rough, but I had to stop crying and realize who the hell I am. My love life went from non existent to an emotional roller coaster yet again, but I decided to cut off communication with those causing me stress. I’m up right now and I truly have no time for negative energy and distractions. I usually succumb to these men, but I have decided to withdraw myself from the equations and continue to do me. I am proud of myself. I was such a weak person a year ago, but I can literally feel my strength building within me. 

In other news, my landlords decided not to move in! They decided to re-commence the search for tenants instead and I now have two roommates. I feel so blessed. I was freaking out about them moving in and me having to find another living situation, so them changing their minds was a weight lifted off my shoulders. I was so embarrassed I didn’t even tell my family what was happening, but it all ended up working out by the grace of God. I have no idea why that happened and why God put me in panic mood, but everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was so I could be grateful that I moved out and not take for granted the fact that I am finally on my own like I have wanted to be since graduating from college.

Going to Vegas two times in two months screwed me over so bad financially. For the first time ever I have no money in my savings account and I am penny pinching to pay all my bills on time. It’s crazy going from being so financially stable to struggling, but I will adjust and figure out how to pay rent and bills and also save. In addition, I was on my way to Trapxart with my sis Friday night and while we were driving we heard some weird nose and had to pull over. Of course my passenger seat tire is flatter than flat bread on the damn ground. I was just like WHY ME! It’s literally always something SMH. But my sis quickly reminded me that it could be much worse before I freaked out and reacted all dramatically LOL. AAA quickly came and we still went to the fiesta! Even though I had to drive a lot slower, because I had the donut on. Tomorrow I am going to get my car inspected and hopefully the tire can be patched and I don’t need to buy a new one *fingers crossed*. I have been trying to pay my credit cards off but life has been like NOPE.

Overall I can not complain about the way my life is going. I have been writing and networking my butt off and I feel very productive. Although my recent weight gain, skin break out and carpal tunnel I have been experiencing (damn office jobs) have all been very annoying, I have not let that slow me down or bring me down. I have never been a spiritual person, but I feel like all the stars are beginning to align for me.

Keep me in your thoughts and if there is any way you think we can assist/ benefit one another, please reach out to me and let’s get it poppin! Why would I not help someone get a job? Why would I not help someone find a place to stay? Why would I not support and promote someone’s business? I live to help others succeed. That’s all I have for you guys today. Everyone enjoy your week 🙂


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