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Why Do People Go To Clubs?

Those who know me personally know that I absolutely hate going to clubs or lounges, which are pretty much the same in my opinion. It logically doesn’t make sense to me why people enjoy going to these types of establishments. Further into this article, I will break down every factor that makes these establishments terrible in my… Continue reading Why Do People Go To Clubs?

Hidden Gems

Meet DJ Big Cali (@Djbigcali)

DJ Big Cali is one of my favorite Bay Area DJs. I had heard him DJ a few times at Liege in Oakland, but he became one of my favs when I heard him DJ at Roderick's BBQ spot in Oakland for a Culture Junkie's day party.  He had the party so lit and played… Continue reading Meet DJ Big Cali (@Djbigcali)

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The Ten Year Crush

I remember it like it was yesterday but instead it was over 10 years ago when I seen this guy's face all over MySpace. Don't judge but he was the friend of the guy I used to talk to. That meme about not cuffing a dude until you see his friend, in this case, was… Continue reading The Ten Year Crush


The Long Distance One (PART 2)

The whole time I was in Mississippi, Patrick and I were arguing. It would escalate so much that he'd go in the other room and give me the silent treatment for the rest of the night. The arguments weren't even that serious, but Patrick just couldn't let shit go. The breaking point was the night… Continue reading The Long Distance One (PART 2)

Hidden Gems

DJ Möscöné

DJ Möscöné is a DJ, revolutionary and the first African- American DJ to receive a Master's Degree in the Bay Area by the age of 23. This queen is currently on her Trap Goddess Tour, which wraps up December 16. Recently, DJ Möscöné DJ'ed the SoOakland SoHalloween Silent Party. The party was lit and there is no denying that… Continue reading DJ Möscöné


When I Realized Who the Hell I Am

Hey everyone, It is a new month and I am doing better than ever! Sunday was a little rough, but I had to stop crying and realize who the hell I am. My love life went from non existent to an emotional roller coaster yet again, but I decided to cut off communication with those… Continue reading When I Realized Who the Hell I Am


The Sensitive One (PART 2)

Dre had transferred to the Orchard Supply I worked at from another store. He came to our store working the way he was used to and he got in trouble a couple times for not following procedure. The worst thing Dre did was accidentally give away an expensive grill. One of our managers instructed him… Continue reading The Sensitive One (PART 2)


What Happens in Vegas…

This Sunday I returned from Las Vegas. If I had to describe my trip in one word I'd say: LIT! Vegas was poppin' last week for many reasons: The Warriors  The Andre Ward fight EDC Weekend I personally went out there for my little sister's 21st birthday. It was supposed to be a family trip,… Continue reading What Happens in Vegas…


Walk By Faith Not By Sight

One thing I want to work on now that I have more free time is my confidence. I have mentioned before that I want to become more confident, but now I can focus on it. I am just so worried I won’t be successful. I feel like there’s so many people grinding, what will make… Continue reading Walk By Faith Not By Sight