Misha’s Tale: The Hotel

Have you ever been at a party or just chilling with whoever and topic comes up, “Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” Maybe it’s just me because as a sexologist, sex conversations are normalized. I won’t front, this is one of my favorite things to talk about because it reveals so much. People have different ideals and standards for defining “crazy” as well as determinants for who’s higher in the hierarchy. Some people believe that sex in a car is crazy while others think that that’s just a regular Tuesday! There’s no real scale to say what’s crazy and what isn’t, but the conversation is a fun way to share stories, normalize exploration, and promote sexual positivity. To break the ice, here’s a Hotel Heaux Tale:

So boom. There I was, on vacation ready to enjoy a weekend of literally doing whatever I wanted. The city I visited was pretty busy that weekend; people from all over the country were there and for my “Finally for the Streets” ass, this was great. See, I was getting back in my groove after taking a couple months of me time. I had money. I looked good. I felt good. I got tested right before, it was up! 

Now on some real boss shit, she replied “you can eat with them anytime, come eat with me.”

Fast forward to this function my sisters and I attended on night one: it was super crowded and hot as fuck. Half of the people in there were basically naked and the other half were fighting to get outside in the parking lot. Needless to say, my sisters and I were ready to shake the spot. I peeped this chick that I followed on social media. She lived in a different state, so it was wild for us to both be in the same party! I direct messaged her on my way out the door. 

On day two, I found out that she was staying in the same hotel as us. Perfect. She asked my plans for the evening and I said that I was going to dinner with my sisters. Now on some real boss shit, she replied “you can eat with them anytime, come eat with me.” My response, “say less.” We went to dinner and had a great conversation. It was a whole joce! We weren’t ready for the night to end, so we took a walk together. She was fine, so my forward ass kissed her. She had to show her dominance, so on the way back to our rooms she pinned me against a wall in the hall and kissed me. I liked it. A lot.

So now there’s this vibe right. Strong sexual tension! We both wanted to go with our moves, but were sharing rooms! Tragic right. Since she was leaving the next day, we decided to shower and link by the pool to drink. Shots in the pool turned into getting ate in the elevator….sex on the stairs…and even more in restroom. Let’s just say whoever was watching the security cameras that night got a good show. Once we came…back to reality, she walked me to my room. We kissed again and parted ways. The next day, I wished her a safe flight home knowing I definitely got exactly what I needed on that vacation.


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