Why Do People Go To Clubs?

Those who know me personally know that I absolutely hate going to clubs or lounges, which are pretty much the same in my opinion. It logically doesn’t make sense to me why people enjoy going to these types of establishments. Further into this article, I will break down every factor that makes these establishments terrible in my opinion.

My initial focus though is why do people that are in relationships go to these types of places? We all have tried to talk to or have known someone that loves going to these types of establishments even though they are already in a relationship. These types of establishments are primarily focused on “meeting new people” so what is the purpose if you are already in a relationship?

But I digress. The major issues that I have with these types of establishments are the sizes, cost, and music which are one of the reasons that people go, but none of these provide the type of environment that people want.

So focusing on each factor that I mentioned I will start by going into more detail on how these types of environments and experiences that they “offer” are total gambles that you have a 50/50 chance of achieving your goals.


The sizes of clubs 90% of the time is a funnel to fish bowl type of infrastructure. What that means is that there is a small narrow entrance leading into a wide-open area. Have you ever been in a crowd of people and then had something cause a massive panic at once? It’s pretty much that scene from Jumanji when the various animals cause a stampede all at once. Now picture all those people trying to exit at once, because that’s what always happens whenever there is a fight or a shooting. Everyone rushes to the exit. I’m not saying that something negative happens at every event and causes these types of reactions but in this age, you should always be prepared for the worse.

On top of that when all those people get together, guess what happens in those type of environments? It will be hot. Hair that you spent hours on will get sweated out and all that make up will start sweating off. There is always someone in that type of environment that never fully understands how they need to wash their body so now you must add body heat and some funk.


Number two is them coins my G. Let’s break down how much you spend on going out. If you trying to be truly fresh at least from a male perspective, you are spending about 20 dollars on a shirt, 40 to 60 on a good pair of jeans (not that Walmart stuff) and 60 to 100 on some fresh shoes. If you decide to drive, guess what? You are spending like 10 to 20 dollars on traveling in the Bay Area and then you are going to have to drop 20 simply on parking at the least. Entrance fee time now homie, that’s running you about 10 to 20 dollars and guess what that’s simply for walking from one place into another place. Now that we in that thang fam it’s time to get lit right?! Let’s get a shot of henny because hennything is possible. Of course that’s going to run you about 10. We already are at a total of about 120 to 140 and we have only gotten dressed and got one shot at a club. This is one night and we have barely done anything and spent all that much money, let that sink in right now. Let me clarify that this is only if you are being extra, but how many of you believe that spending this amount of money is worth it?


The third and final topic is the music that is being played at these events. So, you go for a good time to dance with your friends because you have had a hard week at work. The music is playing, it’s banging, and the DJ got it rockin.  You just about to start busting that thing open like granny homemade biscuits after church and the DJ plays a song that throws the club off entirely. You walk away to get a drink, mingle around and again BOOM the DJ gets it cracking again and then mixes in another trash song. Now you are starting to get annoyed because the DJ is treating the dance floor like a frozen meal you just put into the microwave. It seemed like it was fire but then when you get into it, it’s not like that at all.

Honestly I have several friends that are DJs, so once I know they are working at a spot then it helps me in deciding if I want to go or not. I’ll tell you some DJs don’t know what they are doing, they just know how to press play and play whatever they want to play. They have no actual history of playing for a group of people for long periods of time they simply have a popular name and know how to press play and have an opinion. They don’t even have a DJ name they simply have their social media information on all their laptop and banners.

Those three factors: the environment, the cost and the music are the main reasons I dislike going to clubs/ lounges.


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