The Past Lives- Part 5: The Big Reveal

“I could kill him right now,” said Jewel.

As Jewel was leaving Janet’s dwelling with Jude, she couldn’t believe the level of deceit Ryan brought into her life. He lied to her about the disappearance of Jude and then used her vulnerability to his advantage. She was fuming and she could hardly contain her frustrations.

“So what’s the plan when we get to Ryan? Can I be the one to pull the trigger?” said Jewel.

“Slow down Jewel. Is this really what you want to do?” said Janet. “I know you’re upset, but you have more to lose than me and Jude do at this point.”

“I want him dead and I want him dead now. Nobody plays with my emotions or treats me that way. I left that in our childhood,” said Jewel in response to Janet.

The trio would continue to have discussions on things pertaining to Ryan as they walked down the stairs. What was once a dynamic duo determined to end Ryan now became a trio bent on making Ryan pay.

Back at the hospital, Ryan was sweating bullets. He knew somehow someway Jude and Janet would find him and he knew Jaron was his only way of survival in this situation. Tick, tick, tick as minutes pass by. After a few minutes sitting there, Ryan heard a knock on the door. As soon as that knock happened, Ryan tried to get out of his bed, as to try and hide from whoever was knocking.

“Are you decent Ryan?” said Jaron. “I got you some fresh clothes. I just want to bring in these clothes to you.”

Ryan breathed a little easier as it was only Jaron coming back with his clothes.

“Come in,” said Ryan as best he could with the pain he was going through.

Jaron, as he said through the door, had a fresh set of clothes. It was at that point, Ryan let him know what was going on.

“Jude is alive Jaron,” said Ryan.

Jaron looked at Ryan with a puzzled look and responded, “How is that so?”

Jaron then began to think on the role he played in Jude disappearing. He did not know if Jude knew he played a part in what happened to him and he wasn’t trying to find out.

“Hurry up and get dressed Ryan. We have to get out of here before he shows up.”

“Oh and he isn’t going to be by himself Jaron. He has an accomplice named Janet.”

“We’ll talk about the rest of the story later. Right now we need to go Ryan.”

Ryan would get dressed and then the doctor that saw him come in would make a visit to him.

“Ryan, why are you dressed? You realize the damage you have is something you need to stay here and be monitored for,” said the doctor.

“Sorry doc but I have to go,” said Ryan. “Just give me something for the pain and I will be okay.”

The doctor refused to give Ryan any medicine so he could leave, saying that it would violate anything he is supposed to live up to as a doctor.

“When I come back, I need you to be resting and in that bed with your medical gown on,” said the doctor.

Ryan nodded in agreement with the doctor but as soon as he left, Ryan began to put his shoes on and get ready to leave like he was previously doing.

“You ready to go?” said Jaron.

“I need you to do something for me Jaron. The doctor wants me to stay for treatment on my injuries, but you know we have to go. Can you get me some medicine I can take at home?”

Jaron, for the second time, did something he was not supposed to do. He went and found the medicine needed for Ryan and returned to the room.

“I got the medicine. It’s enough to last you for a week. Now can we go before they find you?”

Ryan got out of the bed and slowly he and Jaron made their way out a side entrance where Jaron had his car parked nearest. The two raced off into the night with their next destination being Ryan’s home.

As Ryan and Jaron were pulling off the trio of Jude, Janet and Jewel were just pulling up.

“Play it cool Jewel and let us do the talking,” said Janet.

When the trio hopped out of the car, Jude put on a baseball cap, pulling it so low that you could not see his eyes at all. He could not take any chances on people recognizing him and knowing that he wasn’t dead like it was presumed.

The trio did not know where to start in the hospital, so they went to the nurse station and figured they would ask for him.

“Excuse me nurse. My name is Janet and I am looking for the room of Ryan Clarity,” said Janet.

“He’s in Room 1000. Right down the hallway and to the left,” said the nurse.

The trio then made their way down the hallway and with each step, they were getting more and more happy to end this mess.

“We’re here ladies,” said Jude. “Remember, we are not killing anyone here in the hospital. We are going to take him with us.”

Jewel and Janet both nodded in agreement as they would push open the door. The anticipated end, unfortunately, was going to have to go another day. Ryan was already gone and with that, the search for Ryan continued.

“Excuse me doctor. Where is Ryan Clarity?” said Janet.

“He should be in his room,” said the doctor.

“Well doc, he isn’t in there,” said Janet.

The doctor raced to the room and found nothing and immediately he immediately hit the panic button. Ryan was never officially released from the hospital by the doctors and if he left for too long without medication, he could get worse.

“Doc, can we look at the cameras to see how this happened and how he disappeared?” said Jude as the doctor could only see Jude’s mouth moving while he talked.

The hospital staff took a look at the cameras and after studying the film, they found footage of Ryan leaving the hospital fully-clothed.

“Is that Doctor Spradling driving him away from here?” said one of the nurses.

Jaron Spradling was now in the crosshairs of Jude as he had been identified helping Ryan escape. In addition to being in the crosshairs of Jude, Janet and Jewel, Jared had also broken hospital procedures by taking someone out of the hospital and not getting them properly released.

“Doc, we just noticed there is some medicine missing from our cabinet. Some medicine that would help Mr. Clarity,” said the nurse.

The head doctor of the hospital, Dr. Morris, was then called and informed of the things that happened and Dr. Morris immediately called Jaron.

“Jaron, I got some questions for you,” said Dr. Morris. “Did you take a Mr. Ryan Clarity out of here without him being released?”

“I did sir,” said Jaron.

“Did you take medicine from the cabinet for him?” asked Dr. Morris.

“Yes I did,” Jaron replied.

“Well, I have no choice but to suspend you pending investigation for this behavior,” said Dr. Morris.

Jared apologized to Dr. Morris profusely, but there was nothing he could do. He had risked things for Ryan and then, with a couple bad decisions, he lost what he had worked so hard to accomplish.

As he began to hang up the phone, Jared felt compelled to tell Dr. Morris what was going on and why he did the things he did.

“Dr. Morris, I had to leave and take Ryan with me. Ryan was in danger. This was all started by a man named Jude. You remember the man that was presumed dead? Well he isn’t dead and he has a woman with him and they left Ryan for dead. He feared for his life and I did not want to leave him to die there if they found him.”

Dr. Morris asked what this man looked like. Jaron described Jude and Dr. Morris gasped because the guy in the hospital lobby looked eerily similar to the gentleman Jaron described. Dr. Morris called downstairs and mentioned what was just shared to him by Jaron.

“Can you take your hat off sir?” the nurse said in the direction of Jude.

Jude refused to do so at first, then he changed his mind and took his hat off.

“Yes, my name is Jude Lawrence and I’m not dead,” said Jude.

There it was right on camera. Jude was confirmed alive by video to the rest of the San Diego community. His cover was blown. Any plans he had to sneak in town and sneak back out was blown.

Lost in all this, Janet did not remember the things of the past when she killed Texas Slim protecting Jewel as a kid when she was then known as Seona. That murder was one of San Diego’s biggest mysteries and after they could not find Janet when the murder happened, the case went cold.

With the camera capturing her back in town, it was only a matter of time before the police got involved and matched the face with the new name.

Time was really of the essence now. The clock was about to strike twelve on this murder mission. They had to find Ryan and they had to find him now!











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