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Is My Vagina Broken?

Am I the only woman that thought something was wrong with you because you could never seem to orgasm? Yea me too.... So when I was in high school I met my first love , my first heartbreak, my first.....everything. He was tall, light bright, and was wanted by everyone because he had a highly… Continue reading Is My Vagina Broken?

Go Awf!

Why Do People Go To Clubs?

Those who know me personally know that I absolutely hate going to clubs or lounges, which are pretty much the same in my opinion. It logically doesn’t make sense to me why people enjoy going to these types of establishments. Further into this article, I will break down every factor that makes these establishments terrible in my… Continue reading Why Do People Go To Clubs?


I Didn’t Feel Safe

About three years ago I was kicked out of a club while I was in Las Vegas with my friends and my ex boyfriend. I got too drunk and threw a drink on my ex and tried to attack him, because he was bad mouthing me to my best friend. While I can admit that… Continue reading I Didn’t Feel Safe


What Happens in Vegas…

This Sunday I returned from Las Vegas. If I had to describe my trip in one word I'd say: LIT! Vegas was poppin' last week for many reasons: The Warriors  The Andre Ward fight EDC Weekend I personally went out there for my little sister's 21st birthday. It was supposed to be a family trip,… Continue reading What Happens in Vegas…


Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I am writing this at 10 pm at night completely in my feelings, so excuse the sappiness. A lot of times I tell people that I don't want to get married. I tell people that I will be fine being rich and alone in a huge house, completely independent. Of course this… Continue reading Dear Future Husband


God Was Showing Out When He Created…

Lace Front Wigs Matte Lipstick Men over 6'0 Panda Express Boots DVR Microwave Ipods (still think they were great!) Flat Screen Televisions Gel Nail Polish Ear Buds Spaghetti and Meatballs Cheesecake Fuzzy Socks Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Iced Tea Tyrese Popcorn you get at the movie theater Mascara Giraffes The color red pepperoni pizza… Continue reading God Was Showing Out When He Created…