What Happens in Vegas…

This Sunday I returned from Las Vegas. If I had to describe my trip in one word I’d say: LIT! Vegas was poppin’ last week for many reasons:

  1. The Warriors 
  2. The Andre Ward fight
  3. EDC Weekend

I personally went out there for my little sister’s 21st birthday. It was supposed to be a family trip, but a couple of my friends ended up joining us which was awesome. A week is a long vacation so I am going to recap my trip day by day:


We arrived in Vegas at 7AM and went to our timeshare, Tahiti Village. My mom was panicking that they wouldn’t let us check in until 3PM, but fortunately they were able to accommodate us. After we checked into the hotel we went to Denny’s for breakfast and then took a shuttle to the strip. Once we got to the strip we walked around, took pictures and people watched.

After like an hour I decided it was time for my sister to have her first legal drink, so we went to the legendary Fat Tuesday. My sister got watermelon and strawberry flavor and we continued to walk down the hot streets of Las Vegas with our yardsticks. 

After going back to the hotel to change, we went to the Wicked Spoon buffet inside of the Cosmopolitan for my sister’s birthday dinner. I invited my best friend and his fiancee, who had arrived in Vegas the night before. The buffet was a little pricey, but it was totally worth it. After that the night was basically over. My sister was trying to go out, but I was so tired that I decided to sleep.


My sister and I walked the strip and ended up talking to a promoter for a club/ pool crawl. We ended up buying a week pass that was a super good deal! If you’re going to Vegas soon hit up Worldcrawl.com. That night we went to PBR Rockbar, Omnia and Drais. 


The next day we went to a pool party inside of the Aria where my best friend was staying. People were drinking in the pool, champagne was sprayed into the crowd and people were floating around on inter tubes. I had never been to a legit adult pool party, so I’m glad I got to experience this. We partied in the pool for like 3 hours and then we went to relax before going to see Lil’ Jon at 1 Oak.

My bestfriend warned me that 1 Oak was considered a ghetto club in Vegas and I didn’t believe him until we got inside. The vibe was just different… I felt like I was at City Nights the 18 and over club in San Francisco LOL. However, we still had a fun night until someone reached into my sister’s purse and stole her phone. My sister was pissed and I was too. Apparently this happened a lot inside this club. The fact that someone did that was so shady to me, but luckily she has insurance. We went back to the hotel and went to sleep at around 3AM.


Thursday was pretty chill. We had to wake up at 9AM, because my dad had bought us all massages. After my massage (which was AMAZING) I slept until like 1PM and then we chilled around the pool with our parents until it was time to get ready to go out. That night we went to Rockhouse and then we got on a party bus that took us to a pool party at Daylight inside of Mandalay Bay. We weren’t feeling the pool party, because there was nothing but EDM music being played. Therefore, we left super early to go get some food.

On our way to get food we met some guys who offered to buy us drinks and food. I was super excited, because we could save our money LOL. At the end of the night one of the guys we met paid for us to Uber back to the hotel. This was probably the funnest night by far! I Went to Hooters for the first time and met a lot of cool people.


Friday was dope because one of my best friends had arrived! We swooped her up and then we went to Fremont Street with our family, because we promised our parents we would go there before the trip was over. We got there and almost immediately went to a buffet inside the Golden Nugget. It was way cheaper than the Wicked Spoon, but the options were better. We ate and talked and then our parents dropped us off at the Marriot where my girl had a booked room. This was when we officially parted ways with our parents until it was time to leave Sunday morning.

That night we went to Jewel inside of the Aria, because the Warriors were going to be there. This night was EPIC. Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and other Warriors were in the club celebrating their win. The only thing that sucked about this night was the heels I wore. My feet hurt so bad that I thought I was going to collapse. Regardless of that, I had the most fun I had the entire trip, because all my friends were there. The five of us danced the night away and chilled. I’m so happy my friends decided to tag a long.


Saturday we went to a buffet inside of the MGM Grand. It was a little pricier than we expected, because it was Father’s Day weekend, but it came with bottomless Mimosas so it was worth it. We stayed in this buffet for 3 hours! I had never stayed inside of a buffet this long, but we got into a deep conversation. Once we left the buffet we almost died because of the heat. It was so hot in Las Vegas! I couldn’t handle it. We stopped at a couple stores, but eventually decided that we wanted to get back to the room and the AC. We went back to the hotel, watched Stomped the Yard and then we took naps. We woke up at like 10PM and started to get ready to go see Rae Sremmurd at Drais.

I had seen Rae Sremmurd perform before, so I knew they were going to put on a good show. They were pouring shots to the crowd, taking people’s phones to Snapchat themselves performing and they were super interactive. In addition to that, money was being thrown into the crowd like every 20 minutes. The night before I barely got any of the money thrown so tonight I was on a mission. I left the club with $45 in ones! Shout out to the random dude I met who was picking them up and handing them to me. After being at Drai’s for three hours we left, because our flight was in like 3 hours.


Sunday at 6:00 AM we arrived at the airport. I was so sleepy, but I had no regrets. As we walked to our gate I saw a dread head eating Popeye’s. It was Marshawn Lynch the football player! My girl tried to tell me it wasn’t him, but once I saw his Beastmode logo I was certain. People started to walk over to him and he yelled “Go, go away! I don’t like people”. It was crazy how rude he was being, but I wasn’t surprised. We were about to board our flight when my girl said “Hey what if he is on our flight?” I looked down at her so crazy and said “Marshawn Lynch is not going to be on a Southwest flight girl, come on now”. Sure enough he boarded the plane a long with his buddy Marcus Peters, who is also a football player. It was so crazy! I wanted to Snapchat him, but he could totally tell I was doing it and gave me the stink eye, so I put my phone away LOL.

So that was my Vegas trip! Definetely the best trip I have been on. Five days straight of partying and drinking have me drained. It has been like four days and I still haven’t recovered. However, it was worth it :)My sister enjoyed her birthday and everyone else did as well.



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