God Was Showing Out When He Created…

  1. Lace Front Wigs

  2. Matte Lipstick

  3. Men over 6’0

  4. Panda Express

  5. Boots

  6. DVR

  7. Microwave

  8. Ipods (still think they were great!)

  9. Flat Screen Televisions

  10. Gel Nail Polish

  11. Ear Buds

  12. Spaghetti and Meatballs

  13. Cheesecake

  14. Fuzzy Socks

  15. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

  16. Iced Tea

  17. Tyrese

  18. Popcorn you get at the movie theater

  19. Mascara

  20. Giraffes

  21. The color red

  22. pepperoni pizza (but only from RoundTable though)

  23. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  24. Rush Hour (the Movie)

  25. Sour Punch Straws

  26. Dancing

  27. Laughter

  28. Church

  29. Leggings

  30. Music


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