LIFE UPDATE: ALOT Has Happened This Year

Hey guys! 2019 is going to be over soon and so much has happened! I feel like I have grown more this year than any other year and I am proud of myself for that. Because its been a while since I’ve updated you guys on my life, I’ve decided to do so as well… Continue reading LIFE UPDATE: ALOT Has Happened This Year

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My Toxic Baby Mama

Not many people can tell you the day that their life changed for the better. Me on the other hand, was the day my daughter was born. The moment that I knew she was my child something inside of me changed instantaneously. I no longer felt like a free little bird flying across the open… Continue reading My Toxic Baby Mama

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Why Do People Go To Clubs?

Those who know me personally know that I absolutely hate going to clubs or lounges, which are pretty much the same in my opinion. It logically doesn’t make sense to me why people enjoy going to these types of establishments. Further into this article, I will break down every factor that makes these establishments terrible in my… Continue reading Why Do People Go To Clubs?

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The Home & Your Future Relationships.

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash Growing up I came from a household with two parents. I had a father that worked hard to provide and a mother that gave us all her time and advice. For a good 13 years I got to experience two loving parents and I have memories that I hold onto dearly til… Continue reading The Home & Your Future Relationships.

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Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings is a sustainable hosiery company based in Sweden. Most of the modern hosiery uses nylon yarn, which is created from “an environmentally harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process.” According to their site, Swedish Stockings creates their products from both pre and post-consumer nylon waste. Their factories are zero waste as well. They have their own… Continue reading Swedish Stockings

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Being Eco-Friendly One Shampoo Bar at a Time

Back in kindergarten, my teacher showed us what items we were able to recycle and why recycling mattered. Ever since then, I have always tried to recycle and be eco-friendly. After I moved to college and into my own apartment, I realized that recycling is not as easy as it used to be. The majority… Continue reading Being Eco-Friendly One Shampoo Bar at a Time