Meet DJ Big Cali (@Djbigcali)

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DJ Big Cali is one of my favorite Bay Area DJs. I had heard him DJ a few times at Liege in Oakland, but he became one of my favs when I heard him DJ at Roderick’s BBQ spot in Oakland for a Culture Junkie’s day party.  He had the party so lit and played all the right songs.

In addition to the Bay Area, DJ Big Cali has also DJed in other cities and states such as Portland, OR, Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, Florida. He offers a variety of musical genres that keep people turnt up and excited for the next event. Besides parties, DJ Big Cali also DJs weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, clubs, festivals and concerts.

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In need of a DJ or considering attending an event where he is the DJ? Check out these testimonials from his website:

“James “DJ Big Cali” Robinson was a seasoned professional from the start. James was the DJ and MC for our recent September wedding. He did an excellent job consulting with us first to see what our desired playlist songs were, what type of lighting we wanted, and was adamant about learning the flow and timeline of the reception, as well as how to pronounce the bridal parties names upon entrance. His experience really shined through when he was able to accommodate and smoothly mix into his set our handful of Filipino disco songs…”

“Thank you so much for everything! Heidi and I had the best night of our life and you were a huge part of setting the tone with your musical talent and outgoing personality. Thank you again. 5 stars for sure, you were there to set up for 3 hours, you had all our music that we wanted and it all flowed perfectly…”

For updates on DJ Big Cali, make sure to follow him on Instagram and head to his website at!


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