Meet Bay Area Hair Stylist and Beauty Enhancer Daria (@Dariadidit_)

A few months ago I decided I wanted to get blonde extensions. I ordered the hair, I was super excited and the person who was supposed to install it for me ended up not coming through. I panicked, because the week was about to start and my hair was looking a hot mess.  I decided to go on Instagram and see what hair stylists I could find. I typed in “#BayAreaHairStylists” and started sending DMs, emails and text messages to stylists who were close in proximity and had a portfolio of quality work.

A lot of stylists responded to me but could not do my hair the day of which is what I was looking for. I was getting frustrated until I finally found Daria (@dariadidit_). I was so happy, because I know that most shops are closed on Sundays. She was willing to do my hair that day, she was located in Oakland which was close by and her rate for a sew in with a closure was affordable.


I was super excited to meet Daria and get blonde hair installed for the very first time. When I got to her shop she was super welcoming and professional and my hair was finished in a decent amount of time. I thanked her for coming through for me at the last minute and she told me that although Sunday was her off day, she knows how much it sucks when you are planning to get your hair done and your stylist doesn’t come through. I respect this queen so much! At the age of 24, Daria has opened her own shop and even has bundles available for purchase (see picture below).

I will definitely be going to Daria again! Follow her on Instagram to connect with her and set up an appointment. See the link below for her rates!


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