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Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil

Kings & queens of color!! Ya’ll remember growing up, getting your hair done, and only needing blue magic and some water to get you right?  Those were the days when natural hair was made easy.   I don’t recall my mom ever experimenting with a lot of different products to figure out what my hair… Continue reading Curls, Confidence, and Coconut Oil


Dealing With My Hair

PRESENT DAYWhen I made the decision to get blonde bundles in February, I decided to talk to my family about it first. Just as I expected, my mom, dad and my brother didn't approve. Mom: "I mean... maybe if it's short it won't look that bad." Dad: "You know I prefer natural." My brother: "I… Continue reading Dealing With My Hair

Hidden Gems

Meet Bay Area Hair Stylist and Beauty Enhancer Daria (@Dariadidit_)

A few months ago I decided I wanted to get blonde extensions. I ordered the hair, I was super excited and the person who was supposed to install it for me ended up not coming through. I panicked, because the week was about to start and my hair was looking a hot mess.  I decided… Continue reading Meet Bay Area Hair Stylist and Beauty Enhancer Daria (@Dariadidit_)

My Life Be Like

Black Women.

She's been told no all her life so she thrives for her own thrown blood of the cradle of civilization shines brighter than diamonds from Sierra Leone. Her hair is hard headed and stubborn it defies the laws of physics, her hips curved wide like the imposters who told her they were destined to be.… Continue reading Black Women.

Hidden Gems

Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (Camera Ready Kutz Inc. Edition)

As of last September, I've been a proud, bad, baldie. To save money, I bought a set of clippers, and began maintaining my hair at home. I also cut my own hair because I didn't feel safe with anyone else. As a woman, going to the barbershop has been an intimidating experience, especially if I'm… Continue reading Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (Camera Ready Kutz Inc. Edition)

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Being Eco-Friendly One Shampoo Bar at a Time

Back in kindergarten, my teacher showed us what items we were able to recycle and why recycling mattered. Ever since then, I have always tried to recycle and be eco-friendly. After I moved to college and into my own apartment, I realized that recycling is not as easy as it used to be. The majority… Continue reading Being Eco-Friendly One Shampoo Bar at a Time


My Body

When I was younger I got made fun of constantly for being skinny. I was called a giraffe and boys would say things like "look at those mosquito bites" referring to my non existent boobs and "save some for the other trees" when I would drink from the water fountain. Most of my friends developed early… Continue reading My Body


Figured Out My Next Goal!

Hey ya'll! This weekend was a good weekend. Friday I stayed in, Saturday I did promo for the Warriors playoff game and today I went to Oakhella, which was lit. The most exciting part of this weekend was finishing my article on Shayla "ShaylaBang" Jamerson, the founder of SoOakland. The interview I had with her… Continue reading Figured Out My Next Goal!


My Natural Hair Journey

This year I decided to start my natural hair journey. I have been tired of wigs and weaves for a while now and I have wanted to try something new, so I finally took the risk. I went over to my sis Imani's house and she helped me curl my hair with perm rods, two… Continue reading My Natural Hair Journey


Okay Summer 17 is Finally Here

Tomorrow is a new month: June. People that read my blogs know that I see a new month as a new start. I really just want to get through June, because I have a big surprise coming in July. June will consist of me saving money, working out more and Vegas!I also want to focus… Continue reading Okay Summer 17 is Finally Here