Okay Summer 17 is Finally Here

Tomorrow is a new month: June. People that read my blogs know that I see a new month as a new start. I really just want to get through June, because I have a big surprise coming in July. June will consist of me saving money, working out more and Vegas!I also want to focus on decreasing the amount of anxiety I have. Now that I have more free time there is more time for my anxiety to creep up. However, I can not let that happen.

My trip to Las Vegas is in two weeks (June 12 to be specific). Besides turning up, I’m not sure what else we are going to be doing out there. A week is a long time to be on vacation. I really just want to eat (I love buffets), go hot tubbing, go swimming and look cute on the strip LOL. I’m a basic person and don’t need many bells and whistles to enjoy myself. My only concern is what I am going to wear!? I want to go shopping so bad, but I know it isn’t in my best interest. I’d rather have more money to spend while I am out there than to purchase a whole new wardrobe. However there are a couple items I want to buy for sure: a pair of overalls, new sunglasses, new sandals and a body chain. A body chain will be so sexy with the six pack I plan to develop in the next 12 days haha (if only).

Last night I applied for a few writing jobs. Jobs I would actually enjoy doing. I was up until 3AM writing a cover letter trying to make it perfect. I really hope that I hear back from some of these companies. I don’t mind working if it’s something I like. All this free time just makes me feel super unproductive.

Besides Vegas I don’t have anything else to look forward to right now. I am trying to do less so I can save money. Being at home more will help me focus on my Summer Goals. They are as follows:

  1. Get a six pack
  2. Be completely non nonchalant
  3. Start reading
  4. Start cooking more
  5. Stop impulse buying
  6. Eat three meals a day
  7. Learn how to do my eyebrows
  8. Be on time 
  9. Switch my style up
  10. Step up my shoe game
  11. Learn how to “Fall Back”
  12. Become more into nature
  13. Be more disciplined  
  14. Live more in the moment and less through Social Media
  15. Take better care of my hair
  16. Pay more attention to current events/ news
  17. Be more straight forward/ honest
  18. Be more responsive
  19.  Think through my responses when talking
  20. Start doing more productive things than partying

Now this is a long list, but it is also a long summer. We will see what I accomplish and what falls between the cracks. But I am seriously going yo dedicated to each and every thing on this list. Wish me luck and pray for me!


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