TRUE LIFE: Two Is ‘Better’ Than One

Threesomes; most men want them and most women refuse to have them and I can understand why. The outcome usually isn’t what one would imagine. Someone is either jealous, can’t last, or backs out at the last minute. That wasn’t completely the case for me. This wasn’t your typical threesome though, I didn’t have to … More TRUE LIFE: Two Is ‘Better’ Than One

For Ash

On your darkest daysand on the dayswhere you are not toofond of yourselfjust remember.You are not alone.  On the dayswhere youbeat yourself upfor loving someonewho treated you like shit. The times that you contemplategoing back to them.Just for a second.Just for a penisjust for a hug just to avoid being lonely.You are not alone.  I let … More For Ash

Living Life With No Regrets – Guess What Happened To Me

They say what happens in the dark comes to light and that shit is the God’s honest truth because it just happened to me. Well, correction it came to light for one person but everyone else knew what I was doing. Still the shit is kinda crazy because no lie, I probably would have took … More Living Life With No Regrets – Guess What Happened To Me

Unsolicited Stories

It was her face. Her eyes to be exact. Kind and honest is what they called them. Private moments spilled when they made contact with another’s. At the market, walking down the street, checking the mail. James said, “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then … More Unsolicited Stories