Necia’s Tale: 9 to 5

The truth is that I cared about both of them. I never really intended to run game on either; it was just circumstances of how life unfolded. Both of them had taught me so much about myself and the world around me. I paid attention to the things happening around me, but I was a small detail woman. They were big picture men with attention to details that I would overlook. 

I met Ryan in the winter months and he was the total opposite of what I saw for myself. If I’m being honest, I didn’t see things going far. Our texting went from dry responses to fucking anywhere we could get away with it. I started to care more with with each interaction we shared. However, I knew Ryan was a player and he definitely had the finesse to keep multiple women satisfied. He was attractive, charming, and the sex was unmatched. He could finesse a woman out her panties without her knowing she had been plotted on from the start. The crazy part was I had the same finesse, but I was better at it. Feelings had grown for Ryan but the one thing I wouldn’t be is a simp. He might be the main player, but I kept options for a new starting line up. I always added a new one for any option that was benched. However, Liam was the wild card that I never expected. He showed up for tryouts and made the team without hesitation. He agreed to stay in the shadows while I allowed Ryan in the spotlight of my life. Yet, each time I called Liam or just experienced his presence I was head over heels. We both knew the consequences of us fucking around, but that didn’t stop us from linking up each chance we got. Liam was my fun for the weekends and Ryan was my stability during the weekdays. 

I knew Ryan was aware of my location, knew my friends, knew my work schedule, but that didn’t stop me from riding Liam’s dick. Eventually, Liam’s weekends turned to weekdays. I risked getting caught every time, but that just gave me a thrill. Why a thrill? 

I had dedicated my Tuesdays to giving Liam the best head and sex of his life. We would go rounds without giving the slightest thought to us getting caught. My Wednesdays were dedicated to hump day and Liam humping me once again without remorse. But Thursdays? Thursday’s were the day I gave Ryan the sex he had grown to love. I wet up his chest and his beard with my juices as usual. He laid me down in missionary as usual and I pretended that I wasn’t letting anyone touch “his juice box” as usual. I watched as he climaxed with each round not knowing Liam had just done the same the day before. Every night, I showered and prepared to get dicked down by my guy of choice. Was having sex with guys consecutive nights a risk? Yes, but the only way a team can get better is with practice. So why not give them both playing time? Weekend or weekday—I was going to get me either way. Liam was just supposed to be my “weekend guy”—never my 9 to 5. Yet, sometimes getting back to work is the best thing for you. Game over! 


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