Lili’s Tale : Waterfalls in the Desert

After my last dick appointment, I just knew I was about to hit a dry spell.  Our farewell session ended right before quarantine and since we had no ties or titles that was it, it was over.  I was ready to enter the drought season and I was actually okay with it.  It was fun while it lasted, and good, real good, but I needed a break, mentally and physically.  I was forced to stay in the house, so desert walls were what I was going to have to work with until further notice.  

Fast forward to 5 months into my dry spell.  My birthday was approaching and all I kept thinking about was how I brought my last birthday in, face down ass up.  The memories of that night were priceless so I was on a mission to make this one pop too.  But how?  I had no one to call to save me from my drought.  

My good girlfriend hit me up right before my birthday to tell me about her new business venture.  She was becoming a “Pure Romance” vendor selling sex toys, pleasurable goodies, and lingerie.  I was excited for her and even more excited to support her new venture so I let her know my current predicament and asked her what she recommended.  I needed the best of the best and nothing less.  She said she had something in mind and assured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed.  

Now, I’ve never been into sex toys, never owned one until now, so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  All I knew was that I needed something that was going to satisfy me to the max.  She suggested “The Main Attraction,” she told me it had 20 speeds with clitorial and shaft vibration.  I said “Okay sis, put me down for 1.”  My package came in just in time approximately one week before my birthday.

I had planned to go out to eat the night of my birthday but due to the pandemic, my plans didn’t fall through. There was nothing left to do but to have a drunken night with my girls and bust out my new toy after my company left.  Seemed like a turnt down type of night, but I little did I know, I was in for a real wet treat.  The “Main Attraction” was all charged up and ready for action so I did what I had to do.  Got naked and ready to complete my mission, alone.  Hard times.

I’m not big on masturbating, so I had big doubts.  Was this thing really going to get me right?  Was I going to get the satisfaction that I needed?  Indeed I was.  And it didn’t take me long to get there.  After a short 2 minutes of personal pleasure the “Main Attraction” had me splashing waterfalls in my desert walls and then after 5 more minutes in, I was shaking and gripping my pillows for mercy.  Whew! I broke a record of countless orgasms that night and was left super satisfied.  Mission complete.  

I had to give my girl her props and rave reviews on what she put me onto because it was the TRUTH.  killed 3 birds with one stone.  Made a good investment, supported my good girlfriend, and ended my drought.  Another satisfying birthday down for the books, although it was spent alone,  I hit spots that I never knew existed and signed myself for future appointments with my new main thing in case I ever hit another drought. I’m happy to have found something to give me chills and waterfalls in the desert.  


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