The Boyfriend Series: The Introduction

The Boyfriend Series is a new series I have created that was inspired by one of my best friends. I decided to open up and discuss my dating history throughout the last ten years (ages 14 to 24). I haven’t always made the smartest decisions, but through each post I want to describe the situations I went through and the growth that occurred. I am not posting this to put anybody on blast, but to make other women see that everyone goes through trials and tribulations that can be overcome. I am nowhere near perfect and never will be, but dating all the men I have dated has made me realize my self worth and what I want in a significant other. I wish this series ends with me being in a healthy, happy relationship, but that currently isn’t the case. I am being very open and transparent, but to protect my privacy and the privacy of others, all names have been changed. Please follow my new series of posts and share! I want readers to comment and provide their opinions on each situation I was in and what could of been done differently. This is my past, but I want to avoid it being someone else’s future so every comment and opinion is appreciated 🙂


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