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Valentine’s Day for The Single Woman

Valentine's Day; a day of love, gifts and a ton of memes/quotes about how everyday should be Valentine's Day with your significant other. It has never been my favorite holiday and probably never will be when it comes to celebrating "love," and trust me, it's not because I'm single. Up until three years ago, I… Continue reading Valentine’s Day for The Single Woman


She’s Really Gone… 😢

She's really gone. My Granny... the woman I was named after... is gone... Sunday seemed like a regular day. I woke up, went to church, cleaned my house and went to chill with my friends. I didn't get to my friends house til 8PM and the plan was to chill for a couple hours then… Continue reading She’s Really Gone… 😢


Okay Summer 17 is Finally Here

Tomorrow is a new month: June. People that read my blogs know that I see a new month as a new start. I really just want to get through June, because I have a big surprise coming in July. June will consist of me saving money, working out more and Vegas!I also want to focus… Continue reading Okay Summer 17 is Finally Here