Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (Camera Ready Kutz Inc. Edition)

IMG_2401As of last September, I’ve been a proud, bad, baldie. To save money, I bought a set of clippers, and began maintaining my hair at home. I also cut my own hair because I didn’t feel safe with anyone else. As a woman, going to the barbershop has been an intimidating experience, especially if I’m unsure of what I want, the proper terminology, as well as the obvious fact that there are more barbers that are men than there are to women.

From my first few times walking into barbershops throughout Brooklyn, I noticed that barbers were trying to tell me what I want, or make things extremely uncomfortable by hitting on me while I’m in the chair. Safe to say I didn’t feel safe at all. Cutting my hair has been a beautiful journey, and I plan to stick to being part of the baldie revolution for as long as I want. Although sometimes, I’ve wished that I could just walk in somewhere and be able to trust the person cutting my hair. To me, the cutting of my hair has become a sacred ritual, and when going to someone to cut my hair, I am vulnerable. I want to be able to feel that this person cares for me, and understands how meaningful the journey is.

After several failed attempts of getting my hair cut at random barbers, I decided to ask my fellow bald girlfriends if they had any luck securing a good barber.

This, is when I found Camera Ready Kutz Inc. 

Located in Bed Stuy, Camera Ready Kutz is owned by Khane Kutzwell, a celebrity master barber, entrepreneur, and public speaker. I went on their website to learn more about the folks cutting hair here. Camera Ready Kutz is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folks. Their site is easy to maneuver through, and each bio made me feel much more comfortable about choosing someone who was right for me. I ended up making my appointment with Val. Walking in I felt welcomed, and I was upfront and transparent about my lack of experience with barbershops, and that I needed help knowing how to articulate what it is that I wanted. Val never fails to amaze me with her care when she give me a haircut. At times she will check in to see how I’m doing, as well as give me advice on how to care for myself after I leave the shop.

Along with haircuts, they hold events that are also ran by Women of Color, and they even have a magazine! Camera Ready Kutz is the place for a high quality haircut, friendly staff, safe spaces, as well as community. Don’t forget to support small owned businesses, and especially support WOC-owned stores!


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