Figured Out My Next Goal!

Hey ya’ll!

This weekend was a good weekend. Friday I stayed in, Saturday I did promo for the Warriors playoff game and today I went to Oakhella, which was lit. The most exciting part of this weekend was finishing my article on Shayla “ShaylaBang” Jamerson, the founder of SoOakland. The interview I had with her was by far one of my favorite interviews! She had such good vibes and so much wisdom to spread. I definitely feel like I’ve gained a big sister who can help mentor me in this crazy thing called life. I worked on this article for days, because I wanted it to be perfect. Honestly, I feel like I achieved my goal. I never toot my own horn, but I edited and changed so many details and really focused on the key information. I had sooo many notes from our conversation and I was really stressed about how I was going to condense it all for my article, BUT I DID IT! 🙂 Please make sure you read my article on Shayla Jamerson, the woman I consider the First Lady of Oakland.

In other news, I am still on my natural hair journey. I have stopped trying to style my hair and now I am solely doing a twist out every two to three days. Honestly it’s weird literally just having an afro everyday. I was going to re-braid my hair like I did for Vegas, but with the carpal tunnel I’ve been experiencing from work, I decided braiding my hair for nine hours is probably not the smartest idea. As bummed as I’ve been about the carpal tunnel, I’m glad it steered me away from the fake hair. I need to feel 100% comfortable with the hair I’ve grown and I can’t honestly say I’m all the way there. I’m probably at like… 55% lol. I just want to get to the point to where my afro is as big as Amara La Negra’s. At that point I will feel sooo poppin.

Living with two roommates has really made me realize I need my own place. My roommates are not bad, they are both really cool, but I just want my own space. I know that I will probably struggle to afford my own place, but honestly I don’t care. Having my own place will be worth it. My sorority sister is currently living by herself in a two bedroom apartment. Seeing her hustle to afford her OWN place is so inspiring to me. I’ve always hustled, but this is my next step. My lease ends in the end of January 2019 and I plan to get my own place one way or another. I don’t know how I am going to make this happen, but as of right now I am thinking of a master plan. I’ve been thinking hmm what’s my next goal? I moved out of my parents’ house, I am writing more than ever and I have been paying down my credit cards. I am cooking a lot more, getting closer to people I’ve wanted to mend relationships with and I finally cut off my toxic ass ex. After all these accomplishments in 2018, I feel that it’s only write to start 2019 off in my own place. Stay tuned and pray for me!

This week should be very chill. I have finished every interview and article I was working on, so now I won’t have to stress about open ended projects. My focus this week? Doing self loving activities (taking bubble baths, getting my nails done and getting more sleep), brainstorming new story ideas and finding new ambitious people who are willing to share their stories with me. I have a good feeling about this week and I hope you guys have an amazing week as well.



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