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Unsolicited Advice: Marriage and Weddings

If you wouldn’t marry someone without a wedding, then you probably shouldn’t have one with them. - Hi everyone, Before I jump headfirst into giving and explaining this advice that absolutely no one asked me for, let me explain a little bit about myself. My name is Chelsea, I’m 24 – I’ll be 25 in… Continue reading Unsolicited Advice: Marriage and Weddings

Hidden Gems

Meet DJ Big Cali (@Djbigcali)

DJ Big Cali is one of my favorite Bay Area DJs. I had heard him DJ a few times at Liege in Oakland, but he became one of my favs when I heard him DJ at Roderick's BBQ spot in Oakland for a Culture Junkie's day party.  He had the party so lit and played… Continue reading Meet DJ Big Cali (@Djbigcali)