The Sensitive One (PART 2)

Dre had transferred to the Orchard Supply I worked at from another store. He came to our store working the way he was used to and he got in trouble a couple times for not following procedure. The worst thing Dre did was accidentally give away an expensive grill. One of our managers instructed him to load three grills onto the customer’s truck, and he loaded them without receiving the necessary paperwork. After the customer drove off, everyone realized that the customer had only paid for two grills. Even though the customer came back and paid for the third grill, Dre was written up immediately.

The only reason I found out about the incident is because I hung out with Dre right after it happened. I could tell he was a little irritated, so I asked what was wrong. Dre explained to me what happened at work and I laughed and said “Damn you f****** up.” Mind you, I was trying to lighten up the mood, not be a b*****. Most of my friends would of told me to shut up or said f you to me, which is what I expected from him. However, Dre got super upset. He was like “I had a stressful day, I got in trouble at work and the last thing I wanted my girlfriend to say is I’m f***** up.”

I couldn’t believe he had gotten so upset! It was just a joke to lighten the moment and he got all offended. I apologized to him and I started to think. If he tripped of me making that comment, I knew there would be other things he would trip off in the future. I am super goofy and would say things like this all the time so I knew I had to figure out how to tone it down for this relationship to work.

Less than a week later Dre did something super random that didn’t make sense to me. I can’t remember what it was, but my response was “babe you hella retarted.” I started laughing and then I noticed that Dre’s entire demeanor had changed. I was thinking ugh I know he’s not trippin’ again. About an hour later I forgot something I was supposed to bring to Dre’s house and he was like “You’re so retarted.” I instantly busted out laughing, because I knew he was being petty trying to upset me. So I instantly was like “Sooo you feeling some way about me calling you retarted? That was just me messing with you! Even if my mom does something dumb I’m going to say mom you hella retarted.” After I said this he called me immature and said, “All these people that have been talking about me over the years, the last thing I need is my girl friend calling me retarted.” I couldn’t believe how sensitive he was! I was really started to see the kind of person he was and he was way to serious. I cracked jokes an laughed all day, that was just my personality. But Dre got offended off any and everything… I hated it.

Dre ended up breaking up with me mid October. I don’t really remember why he broke up with me, but I was devastated. Everyone thought it was for the best once I told them I felt like I was walking on egg shells whenever I would speak to him, but I was super sad. He had broken up with me over something so miniscule that I couldn’t let it go that easy. I told him I’d “change” (don’t remember what the issue was) and we got back together less than a week later.

The next two months were great.  Dre and I would get into it over little dumb stuff, but we were still having a lot of fun together. We had met each others parents and friends at this point and everything was all good. Everything remained perfect until my birthday. My birthday party was a DISASTER….

On my 21st birthday my mom had planned me a party. The plan was for me to have my birthday party from 3PM to 9PM and then Dre would drive my friends and I to see Jon B in concert. Everything was planned and everyone was super excited. I couldn’t wait!

The day of my birthday I was annoyed, because Dre was supposed to drive my friends and I to the party. It was 3:45PM and my party started at 3PM and he was stuck in traffic. I did not understand how he could be late on my birthday! Everybody was at my birthday party waiting and I was at home super irritated. As soon as Lina and Megan got to my house I told my sister Alondra that we were leaving. My plan was to text Dre and tell him to just go directly to the party, but I was so anxious to get to the party I completely forgot to text him. At like 4:15PM Dre called me and said he was at my house. I was like “OMG I forgot to tell you. I ended up driving my friends and I so just meet us at the party.” Dre sounded annoyed, but we hung up the phone and I proceeded to drive to Berkeley for my party.

We got to my birthday party and I was so happy. All my friends were there, my mom had did a great job decorating and everything was perfect. The last thing I needed was my boyfriend there. I walked around the party, took pictures and danced with my friends. I was having so much fun and then I realized it was 6:00! Where was Dre?! To get from my house to the party only took like 25 minutes, so I didn’t understand where he was. I started texting and calling him and he didn’t answer. I was literally blowing up his phone until he answered at about 6:30PM. I was so relieved that he was okay. It wasn’t like Dre not to answer me, so I thought something had happened. But once he started talking, I realized that he was just being dramatic AF once again… 

This man told me that he had got extremely stressed out, because he knew I was mad at him for being late. He said that he wasn’t feeling well so he turned around and drove back to San Jose. I couldn’t believe this. This man literally drove for an hour to get to my house and then turned around and drove back home because he “didn’t feel well” on my 21st birthday. I went the hell off on him. I couldn’t believe he would do this to me… it was my 21st birthday and all my other friends and family members were waiting to meet him. I felt dumb and embarrassed and pissed off that he would do this to me on my birthday. After I went off his pathetic ass started begging and pleading asking how he could make it up to me. I told him the only way he could make it up to me was for him to get in the car and get to my birthday party. He had the audacity to say “You want me to drive all the way back out there when I’m not feeling good” I told him i didn’t care and that he better get to my birthday party ASAP, especially because he was the one that was supposed to drive all of us to the concert. Everything was planned and he had ruined it.

Once Dre got to the party he looked so stupid. All my friends and family were shaking their heads at him, because everyone heard me going off and saw me crying. My big brother Trey was DJing and he played “N***** don’t act like a b****” as soon as Dre walked in. It was hilarious! I wasn’t about to let his ass ruin my birthday more than he already did, so I cheered up and proceeded to turn up.

Dre was so socially awkward. He literally sat in the corner of the party while everyone else was dancing and enjoying themselves. This was the day I really started to evaluate my relationship. We literally had nothing in common. I was goofy, fun and super social and Dre was super quiet and serious. After my birthday fiasco I stayed with him. Why? I have no idea… I never do LOL. He was on his best behavior for the next few months because he knew him ruining my birthday was a big deal to me. However, right after an amazing Valentine’s Day and a good Spring Break he was back at it again with the tom foolery…



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