The Sensitive One (PART 1)

2013 was a great year for me. I had just become a Zeta, I was getting more hours at work and I was finally about to turn 21. In the midst of all this I got my first college boyfriend… Dre Harrison.

Working at Orchard Supply was lit. Everyone there went to San Jose State, so we all vibed because we were the same age. Me, Lina and Megan were the only black girls that worked there and we would have so much fun together. The only problem was that there was no eye candy. For like a year we complained about how there were no cute guys working with us. It’s not like we got a lot of cute customers, because it was a hardware store, so we would be working long eight hour shifts with nothing to look at… it was depressing AF LOL.

One day when I was off work a lot of my coworkers were hitting me up. The tea was that our boss had finally hired some eye candy to work in pick up. Everyone was texting me saying that this new guy was extremely attractive; 6’2, nice body, dark skin, nice smile, the total package. Before I even met the man I had all his information- he was 24, he had just transferred to San Jose State and he drove a Lincoln Navigator. I was super anxious to see what he looked like, because my coworkers were making him sound like Morris Chestnut’s twin.

When I finally met Dre I understood why everyone was being so thirsty. Dre was fine as hell! I don’t say this often but that man was perfect. The first day I saw him I was giving Lina and Megan a ride home from work. We drove past him super slow, because he was working in the hot sun looking like a sweaty snack. That day in the car my girl Lina predicted that him and I would start talking. I didn’t think so, because he seemed so together that I was convinced he had a wife and kids LOL. But after that day we made small talk at work for a couple weeks and then he asked me for my number.

Dre and I texted for a couple days and then we hung out on Labor Day. He ended up coming to my dorm room and we literally sat and talked for hours. I was so nervous at first, but after like a half an hour I realized that he was coo! He looked like a complete player, but I quickly found out that this man was a church boy. He was a virgin waiting for marriage, he barely partied and he didn’t smoke… I was like okay I can work with this!

The next two weeks Dre took me out on multiple dates. He seemed excited to be talking to me and he always wanted to be around me, which I didn’t mind it. In two weeks we went out to dinner multiple times, we went to the movies, we went mini golfing… I was loving spending time with him and I knew this man was going to be my boyfriend sooner or later.

After one of our dates, Dre and I went back to his place to watch TV. He looked at me dead in my eyes and asked me to be his girlfriend. It was so unexpected that I laughed nervously. I had known this man for like three weeks and he was already trying to be with me? This was weird to me so I told him no and that I wanted to wait. Dre kept asking me and he said that we might as well make it official, because we already acted like we were together. We would hang out every chance we got and I had spent the night a couple times, so he didn’t get why we couldn’t be together. I continued to say no and he seemed very disappointed, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t ready.

The next day I told my girls that he had asked me out and everyone thought I was trippin’. Everyone was like  “WTF be his girlfriend! What are you waiting for”…. but I still felt iffy, because three weeks is not enough time to know someone. My friends threw in my face how I had been wanting a boyfriend. They made me feel like I would lose him if I didn’t say yes, so I decided that the next time he asked me I was going to say yes regardless of my doubts.

Literally a couple days later Dre asked me to be his girlfriend AGAIN. I said no and when he kept being persistent I looked at the floor and said yes. He was so happy I finally said yes. He literally jumped up and said “YES! I gotta tell my mom, I gotta tell all my friends! You’re really my girlfriend!” I was happy too, but I was still feeling like I didn’t know him well enough. However, I was in it now, so I decided to be happy and prepare for what was next.

The first month of our relationship was AMAZING. We were inseparable and we did so many fun things. This relationship was just how I imagined my college relationship to be. Dre walked me to class, we did homework together, we would eat together, I was on cloud nine.

Then out of nowhere an unexpected incident happened that made me question if we were meant to be…



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