My Life Be Like, poetry


Photo by Vladimir Palyanov on Unsplash The sound of your voice sends me into a rage.  Days of seeing your face I wish I could erase.  Being in your presence is about as uncomfortable as walking pass a group of men outside of the corner store.  Everything you say makes my heart race but not… Continue reading Triggered


The Sensitive One (PART 2)

Dre had transferred to the Orchard Supply I worked at from another store. He came to our store working the way he was used to and he got in trouble a couple times for not following procedure. The worst thing Dre did was accidentally give away an expensive grill. One of our managers instructed him… Continue reading The Sensitive One (PART 2)


The Lazy One

I wasn't with Benjamin for long, but it felt like forever. Our relationship was eight months of me trying to change him and mold him into what I wanted... it was a fail. It all started the summer before senior year when Ben randomly added me on Facebook. We never really talked at school, but… Continue reading The Lazy One


My Thoughts On Online Dating

Hey everyone! This week has been a good one for me. I feel more wise, mature and more cognizant of people's intentions. I love it! I have been talking to a lot of people lately about online dating. Some people are into it and some people prefer more traditional ways of meeting people, but everyone's preference… Continue reading My Thoughts On Online Dating