My Thoughts On Online Dating

Hey everyone!

This week has been a good one for me. I feel more wise, mature and more cognizant of people’s intentions. I love it!

I have been talking to a lot of people lately about online dating. Some people are into it and some people prefer more traditional ways of meeting people, but everyone’s preference is different. I personally met my ex boyfriend on Tinder. I went through a phase where I was meeting people online, because it just seemed so much more convenient. Today’s technology just makes online dating very appealing. However, after my recent experience I am cool off the apps lol. Never again.

I personally see nothing wrong with it though. I remember I told my parents I was dating people I met online and of course they did not agree. They are in their 50’s and still stuck in traditional ways. My dad told me, “You are a college student in a sorority, with three jobs… I just do not understand why you can not meet someone in person.” My parents made me feel embarrassed to be using an app to date. But I explained to my Dad I can meet someone in person and it still may not work out, so there is really no difference. I have met multiple people in person who ended up lying about who they really are. Yes people can lie online and catfish someone, but regardless of the platform you only know what someone tells you.

I encourage online dating for people who do not go out much or are introverts. I see too many single people who are amazing, but simply alone, because they are shy and inapproachable. If talking to someone through a screen works better for you, go for it! Everyone is different.

Now that I am single, I really want to meet someone in a romantic cheesy way. I am super corny, but here are some of my visions:

  1. Walking out of Starbucks with out Frappucinos
  2. At the gym in the Abs section
  3. At Panda Express (I’m obsessed with Panda Express)
  4. At Forever 21 while they stare at me from the Men’s section
  5. At a red light
  6. At the Carwash
  7. At the Gas Station
  8. At Target in that Cheap Dollar Section
  9. In class ( I plan on going back to school)
  10. At the Thrift Store (My man will have to be frugal as I am)

The one that will most likely happen is the Target one haha jk, but I am at Target a lot! I just want something very natural. Like both of us went out that day not expecting to meet and it ended up lasting. I am NOT looking to get into another relationship anytime soon (God No!), and I know that it will be a while before I trust anyone but when it happens, I hope it happens one of these ways. I am all for romanticism and love, but to be honest this generation lacks romanticism so much, which is unfortunate.

We will see what happens though. I just want people to stop being ashamed of where they met the person they are dating. This commercial is the most accurate:

People are so ashamed and end up lying about it, but most people meet online now a days!This commercial is hilarious. I used to be the same way as this couple. My default lie while in high school was “I met him at the mall,” because I lived near a mall and it was believable haha. But older me would be honest and say where I met someone, because at the end of the day one lie only leads to another one and ain’t nobody got time to remember all of that lol. Safe dating! Don’t get catfished haha. Have a good weekend loves.



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