FEATURE: Nicki Minaj Perfume

So a lot of people compliment me on how I smell so I felt I might as well reveal what I use lol. The only perfumes I own are Nicki Minaj fragrances! She has seven fragrances and I only use the three pictured above. I own Pink Friday Deluxe (Gold Bottle), Pink Friday (White Bottle) and Minajesty (Pink Bottle). I love all of the fragrances, but my personal favorite is the original ()White Bottle)! Pink Friday smells so good and all the fragrances last for hours. As you can see there are little mini roller bottles for your purse or pocket, as well as a baby version that is less pricey. You can get these bottles from Target or Walgreens. The big one is around $50 and the small one (pictured all the way right) is $30. Definitely a must have if you want to smell nice!


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