The Inspiration Behind James

Earlier this year I was determined to find the perfect guy. I discovered an app called BLK, which was marketed as Tinder for black people. I downloaded the app and set my standards- must have a job, must be in early 30's, must be taller than me, must have no kids. I was excited to… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind James

Go Awf!

Top Five Places a Black Man Can Find a “Wifey”

The other day my home girl was at a wine festival on Twitter and the caption read “Where are all the fine men at?” and my first thought was it must have been the city that she lives in, because men go to wine festivals RIGHT??? I mean we like wine and shit too don’t we?… Continue reading Top Five Places a Black Man Can Find a “Wifey”


Getting Dumped, Being Broke and Making a Tinder

A few weeks after I quit my job, I got dumped. I was already extremely depressed dealing with my newfound broke-ness and my break up was the straw on the camel's back. At this point, I had been sleeping as much as I could to avoid overthinking about my financial situation. I would periodically Door… Continue reading Getting Dumped, Being Broke and Making a Tinder


The Sociopath (PART 1)

The summer after Dre and I broke up I decided to make a Tinder. Everyone was telling me how poppin' it was, so I decided to shoot my shot. As soon as I created a Tinder I started meeting nothing but losers. Just when I was about to delete the app, I ended up matching… Continue reading The Sociopath (PART 1)


My Thoughts On Online Dating

Hey everyone! This week has been a good one for me. I feel more wise, mature and more cognizant of people's intentions. I love it! I have been talking to a lot of people lately about online dating. Some people are into it and some people prefer more traditional ways of meeting people, but everyone's preference… Continue reading My Thoughts On Online Dating