20 of My Biggest Turn Offs

Hey people,

The purpose of this post is to reveal 20 of my biggest turn offs. Please read and comment with opinions and your personal turn offs!

  1. Has Children– This is a turn off, but not a deal breaker. It all depends on how the baby’s mother is really. No one needs baby mama drama in their 20’s… or ever
  2. Carless– At this age if you are not mobile that’s definitely a turn… no actually a deal breaker. #NoScrubs
  3. Excessive Cussing– I understand most people cuss, but some people cuss too much and when it is completely irrelevant. Major turn off
  4. Jobless– No grown person over 18 should not have a job. DEAL BREAKER
  5. Lack of Education– I value college and furthering your education so turn off if you stop attending school after high school
  6. Excessive Drinker– Too much drinking is a problem and no one should be dependent on alcohol, so in my opinion this is a turn off
  7. Refers to women using brotherly terms– No guy should refer to a girl he is interested in as “bro” “n%$&” “dude”, that is a turn off
  8. Smokes cigerattes– Cigarettes are gross! Knowing that they lead to cancer and smell bad this is a deal breaker
  9. Working at a fast food restaurant– Fast food restaurants are at the bottom of all jobs… I can accept any other job, but a fast food job past high school is just so juvenile to me. DEAL BREAKER
  10. Lazy and unmotivated– Guys with no goals or plans in life is a deal breaker.
  11. Dishonest– I can not stand liars. As adults, you should always be transparent and clear on your intentions, so dishonesty is a deal breaker
  12. Cocky/ Arrogant– People with big egos annoy me. Nothing is worst than someone super cocky and arrogant. Deal breaker
  13. Gemini– Geminis are crazy lol never again
  14. Inconsistent- Inconsistent men are the WORST. If you can go days without talking to me, go a couple more…This is my BIGGEST turn off!
  15. Shorter than me– It’s just so awkward to date someone shorter, this is a turn off, but not deal breaker
  16. Dependent– Guys who are dependent on their mothers, family or friends is pathetic. Turn off
  17. Negativity– Pessimistic negative people are the worst people to be around. We are all negative at some points in life, but consistent negativity is a deal breaker
  18. Pugnacious– Guys who always have to start arguments or fights and do not know how to pick their battles is a turn off
  19. Indiscreet- Someone who tells any and everyone their business. Whatever happens with someone your dating should be between you too and no one else. Turn off
  20. Messy/ unorganized– I have OCD lowkey so no messy people. This includes, but not limited to, a messy car, messy appearance and messy house. Deal Breaker!

5 thoughts on “20 of My Biggest Turn Offs

    1. no. Unless he’s in like corporate office. I don’t want to be with someone actually like managing or cooking at a Micky D’s lol. #JustBeingHonest


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