Just My Luck

Hey guys!

I haven’t posted anything on here in a while so I figured I should update everyone. Life is a series of unfortunate events as usual, but I am trying to stay afloat. Luckily I have something to look forward to this weekend. I am going back to Vegas and I am super excited! I honestly feel like this is going to be the trip of the century. Everyone going has nothing but good vibes and I know we are going to have a good ass time. A lot has happened in the last month or so (don’t remember when I posted last) so I’m just going to break down my updates in categories LOL here we go:


So I don’t know if ya’ll have been keeping up with my posts, but I finally moved out of my parents house at the end of January. I live in a three bedroom house and the owners have been looking for two other tenants to occupy the other two rooms. However, it has been two months and they still haven’t found anyone. I haven’t been complaining, because I have been loving being in a huge house all alone. However, the owners have come out the wood works and decided that it is more financially feasible for them to sell their current home and move back into this house. Of course I’m like WTF who does that?! I was so annoyed when i found out and of course my first question was “Umm so do I have to leave?” and they told me “no you can stay here unless you are uncomfortable living with us,then of course you can leave and break your lease with no penalty”. I am glad they are cool and giving me the option, because they could of been ass holes and forced me to stick to my year lease but still… I feel so angry and inconvenienced. I was just getting comfortable here, meeting the neighbors and the whole nine. It sucks, but now I have to look for somewhere else to live. Preferably before next month when they are going to be moving back. That means I have roughly three weeks to find something I can afford. This sucks breh -_- But hey it could be worse. I still haven’t told my parents, because I am just so embarrassed that this happened to me. It is the weirdest and most random situation, but I know that everything happens for a reason so it is what it is.


Work is going good! I have been training and learning new skills and I will probably be promoted within the next few months. I am blessed to have a job that I like and I hope that I can stay here for the next few years. Everyone says you should never stop looking for a new job, but honestly I don’t think I’m going to find a job I like as much as this one. I just want to learn as much as I can and really impress my bosses. I never cared about excelling at a job as much as I do here so shout-out to my job haha.


So this is pretty much non existent haha. Honestly I have been evaluating and thinking about the men I surround myself with and I realized that I can’t continue to deal with the things I deal with. I let a lot of things slide and constantly get treated less than I deserve. It’s better to just be alone and not deal with bullshit. That’s where I’m at at this moment in time….


Omg this journey has been so damn awkward! I love not having any fake hair in my head and just being free, but some days I feel insecure AF, no lie. I have gotten better at styling my hair and I have gotten better products, so I have been having fun. At the same time though, I am still learning to be confident with it and not feel like I’m unattractive. I don’t want to be with type of female that feeds off likes, but I posted a picture with my twist out afro and got so many likes! More likes than pictures I have with my bundles in. So that happening did make me feel a little better, no lie. I just have to focus on finding that within myself instead of needing the approval from others.

I currently have in the best protective style there is (braids). I wanted my hair braided for the pool parties in Vegas and then I realized it is too early in the year for there to even be pool parties *face palm.* It’s okay though! I will rock these braids for a while then go back to the young fro. I didn’t want to get extensions at all, because I feel like that’s cheating on the natural hair journey, but my sis explained that it really isn’t, because it isn’t like I straightened or put any heat in my hair. Stay tuned for some pics real soon!


Ehh. Not doing that good right now LOL. My credit score went down and my cards have higher balances, because of all the money I spent furnishing this house (grr pisses me off thinking about it). I used my tax money though to pay down one of my cards, so I feel responsible that I did that. However, after I come back from this Vegas trip I have to slow the hell down on traveling, shopping and eating out. As much as I love it I have rent now in addition to my other bills so I cant’t keep living that “I live with my parents” lifestyle.

Well that’s about it for now guys! I was a little dramatic life isn’t too bad except me having to move LOL. But I have still been irritable so keep me in your prayers. Hope everyone is doing good we are literally like 1/4 into 2018 I can’t even believe it. Continue to do you and make the haters hate!


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