Oh What a Time, To Be Alive

Hey my loves :),

I have a lot to talk about. Even though it has only been like two weeks since I have updated you all, I have had an eventful two weeks. From anxiety, to anger, to confusion and now tranquility, I have been all over the place. However, I am now in a great head space feeling more motivated than ever.

Yesterday I took a tour of Ralph Bunche school in Oakland. I will be doing a profile on the school so I went there to learn about all of their programs and opportunities. I left with pages and pages of notes of observations, plus interviews with students and staff. I met all the wonderful kids and I could just see the ambition in their eyes. People assume that children who attend continuation schools are bad, but that is not always the case. Going to this school showed me that these students are just as phenomenal as students who go to regular high schools, they just lack certain resources they need to succeed. I was surprised to learn just how many resources Bunche provides. But to learn more about that, you will have to read the profile :).

In addition to this profile I am working on, I have been writing more articles for Csuitemusic.com. I was slacking the last two weeks due to my roller coaster of emotions, but I realized that I can not let my emotions get in the way of the grind. Therefore, this week I have been writing stories and owning up to my role as chief lifestyle editor. I love writing so much! Once I get in my mood everything just flows. I am happy that certain people have motivated me to focus on my career and the necessary steps to progress. I just have to make sure I am consistent.

This whole month I have been doing really good at saving money. I have been buying things from the grocery store instead of eating fast food and I haven’t been shopping.  However, something annoying/ embarrassing happened this week. Promise not to laugh at me L.O.L.

It all started in September when I had a hair crisis. I ended up having to buy a wig before I left to New Jersey. At first I felt weird about wearing a wig, but shortly after I fell in love due to the convenience. I always hated how uncomfortable weaves are so now that I discovered wigs there is no turning back. My emergency wig didn’t cost that much money, so I decided to order a more expensive one. Stupidely though, I ended up completely damaging the expensive wig by washing it incorrectly. I was so bummed on Tuesday, because I have only had the wig for a month and now it is all tangled and ruined. However, this just made me realize that I need to focus on saving and not spend money on things I do not need. My emergency wig is in perfect shape, but my greedy self just had to buy another one. There goes $$ down the drain. On a brighter note, I just finished paying off one of my credit cards (yay!). I have one more to pay off, but the balance is really low. See, I am a tad responsible… just a tad. The wig incident is just an “L” I’ll have to take.

Speaking of money, I have a thirteen hour shift Saturday. I was hesitant at first, because 13 hours is a long day, but I decided to man up and get that over time. With Christmas coming up I really want to get good thoughtful gifts for everyone. I have a plan where everyone will get good gifts, but I will still be able to save this month. Let’s just hope I don’t get carried away while shopping.

Overall, I am just in a good place right now. Between working my two jobs, blogging and preparing for the holidays, I have been going to bed earlier, which makes my days go so much smoother. Even though the year is almost over, continue to be productive and goal oriented. Do not wait for 2017 to get your life together. I have been more productive now than I have been the whole year. Make moves now so that when 2017 gets here, everything is all set up. Good night everyone! Have a great weekend. My next blog will probably be all the things I am thankful for since Thanksgiving is next week. Can’t wait :).


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