Don’t Be Tacky On Zoom

As Zoom has becomes our new classroom, it seems people have been a bit too lax. There is a level of professionalism that we must carry ourselves with — even on Zoom. Many people have complained about the rules that are set forward by schools and colleges, but they are necessary. It is important to remember that Zoom is our new classroom, not a party and certainly not a facetime call. So, here are a few things to consider when you join Zoom: 

  1. Your bed is for sleep. Instead of taking your class from your bed, set up a nice comfortable space to participate in your classes. Making this distinction will help you in the long run and your own space will keep you focused in class. 
  1. Check your audio. During a class or even during a conference call you should ensure that you are muted. No one should hear your family in the background gossiping nor do we want to hear your roommate crack jokes about the professor. You should mute yourself and ensure that you are in a space where you can talk freely. 
  1. Turn your video on. This could be picky, but it’s rude to be on Zoom without your video on. Consider that everyone else is partaking in discussion but you’re too cool to turn your camera on and participate. I understand that it may be nerve racking, but turning your camera increases your opportunities to network and build friendships.
  1. Be mindful of your background. Zoom captures the entire room. We can think that something is out of the screen, but it’s not. There are options in Zoom to change your background to something generic, or something fun and inviting. 
  1. Dress appropriately. This should go without saying, but do not get on Zoom in your pajamas or in a blanket. Joining a video call in your pajamas or covered in a blanket gives the impression that you are not interested in the course. It also shows that you are unprepared.
  1. Zoom and work. Finally, It is impossible to work and learn at the same time. Give your focus to classwork when in class and to your job when at work. You are more likely to understand the information in class by staying focused on class.

Just because we are online does not mean that we do not have standards. I am not saying that you need a tie or blazer, but simply be mindful and courteous of how you operate in the space. 


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